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Caregiving for those with chronic illnesses can be especially difficult. Most of us can handle helping for a short term. But chronic means long-term, on-going. It can mean months, years, or even decades of helping a loved one with health issues that can get worse, and rarely get better.  When I helped my mom and dad as they dealt with his Parkinson’s Disease progressing, they had already been dealing with it for over ten years. We worked together as a team for another five years: helping him, encouraging him, advising him, and finally, nursing him, alongside his hospice nurses, in his final months here on earth.

I recently discovered a brand new blog carnival specifically for those with chronic conditions, Christians With Chronic Illness Blog Carnival. There you can find articles by and about Christians dealing with a wide variety of chronic illnesses.

For those suffering from chronic conditions, I think you will be comforted and encouraged as you read. I know I tend to feel better knowing that others feel like I do and understand what I’m going through. For those who are caregivers to loved ones with chronic illnesses, you will find excellent advice, encouragement, and wisdom in how to help them, minister to them, and even to understand them a bit better.

I enjoyed reading all the articles. One in particular that I especially appreciated was a James 1:5 Journal. The writer shared how her suffering has led to a deeper prayer life in Christ. She wrote, “I often hear people say, “Well, I guess the only thing we can do is pray.” WHAT???? The armies of heaven are dispatched when the children of God hit their knees!! Prayer is not the last resort when all of our resources have been exhausted….after all of our best efforts have failed. Prayer is the source of all power.” Isn’t that the absolute truth!!! Be sure to read the rest of the article. It will definitely motivate you to spend some serious time in prayer today!  One of the best things about prayer – you can do it anywhere and anytime! Perfect for caregivers of any kind!

I also really enjoyed an article at Lisa Notes. I’ll have to confess, I liked it for two reasons. One, it was a great devotional about God’s power and provision in times of suffering. The other, not quite so noble sounding, is that it appealed to the Baby Boomer in me. The title, alone, will give away the reason why: “The Cracker Jack of Pain – A Surprise with Every Body.” I still remember loving Cracker Jacks, even though I haven’t had one in years! Both the toys AND the snack. The whole article put a smile on my face which is still there as I type this.  🙂

Read both of these great articles and several more that are just as enjoyable at Christians With Chronic Illness Blog Carnival

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  1. This is a wonderful idea for a blog! I wish I had had you when I lost both my parents in the summer of 2007. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I appreciate you!

    God Nuggets Blog

    • Kaye
    • April 18, 2009

    Hi Cyndi, Thanks for popping by to visit. I really enjoyed your site as well 🙂 I enjoyed discovering it and others through the Christian Chronic Illness Blog Carnival 🙂

    • Susan
    • April 18, 2009

    Awe, thank you so much for sharing…. I enjoyed reading and know there was a message for me to read today…thank you!

    • Kaye
    • April 18, 2009

    You’re very welcome. Thank you so much for visiting 🙂

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