One Senior Citizen’s Gift Goes On

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Have you ever heard the song, The Gift Goes On? I thought of it today while enjoying another intriguing study on the Book of Revelation being taught by Stephen Davey of Colonial Baptist Church. I was especially touched by the story he told at the end of the sermon entitled George Street. He related what he had heard on a YouTube video and it was so good, I had to go dig up the video so you could see it yourselves.

This video definitely makes for an interesting and thought-provoking Sunday devotional! And it’s perfect for SandwichINK as it centers on the ministry of a senior citizen who eventually had to deal with Parkinson’s Disease, and how his ministry continues on today, even though he has gone on ahead of us to heaven. It’s a little bit long, 7 minutes, and on my laptop it paused a few times to “catch up.” But it is so worth it and the end is especially touching. It brought tears of joy to my eyes to hear what God had done through him! Enjoy! And do let us know what you think of it. 🙂

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