having fun with senior gardening and sunflower houses-try this book with your grandchildren

One of Those Funny Gardening Books for Kids That Grandparents Will Love Too

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Mr Picklepaws Popcorn talks about growing sunflowers then harvesting the seeds to save - eat - share - fun lesson for grandkids and fun shot with easy to use digital cameraMy grandkids and I had so much fun yesterday. I brought along a fiction book I had discovered at the recent library used book sale, Mr. Picklepaw's Popcorn. It was so funny! It was as delightful for me to read to them as it was for them to listen. Just the name, "Mr. Picklepaw," kept sending them off into gales of laughter.

And I loved the great message about sharing wrapped into a hilarious story about popcorn stored in a tin shed on the hottest autumn day in years. Would you believe it popped so much it took a helicopter to get him off his tin roof! 🙂 Sounds like our wacko weather around these parts! 

It's definitely a fun book for a boomer and senior gardening enthusiast to read to their grandkids as it talks about growing flowers and vegetables. It's even perfect for those of us who love sunflowers and sunflower houses as he grew those as well. 🙂

having fun with senior gardening and sunflower houses-try this book with your grandchildren

Mr. Picklepaw's Popcorn, by Ruth Adams, is an oldie-goldie book from 1965 so you probably won't find a new copy around. But your library might have one to check out. If not or if you'd like to try to get your own copy, you can click here to see if Amazon has any used copies available.  🙂

What about you and your grandkids? What are your favorite gardening or summer books to read with them? 

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    • Kathryn Ross
    • June 23, 2011

    Hi Kaye! Cute story. I still have all the Parent’s Magazine books from the 1960’s that we got as kids when my mom joined their book club. One a month.
    I’m the skype grandma for my little grandbaby, Mackenzie. I’ve been getting those recordable books from Hallmark and creating a little legacy of Nana reading to baby. Something she’ll grow with – and hopefully cherish.
    Miss Kathy

  1. Oh Kathy, what a cute idea! Your sweet family memories will be such a treasure to you and your whole family! Thanks for the great tip. 🙂

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