My border collie granddog looks a lot like these cute Webkinz border collie stuffed animals

A Nylabone Dog Frisbee is a Granddog Basic in Our Sandwich Generation Family!

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I do love my granddog - he bought me this cute granddog car magnet

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and granddogs came to cheer my beloved aging senior citizen - tho they were courtesy of my easy to use digital camera in the iphoneAs I have mentioned, i have several adorable granddogs in our Sandwich Generation family. They don't all live close by, but I get to have a nice long visit with each at various times. It is quite intriguing to see the different dog toys and treats they each have! Each has many "soft and tuff dog toys!" I had to chuckle at how many of today's dog toys look just like the toys my adorable new grandchild also has!   🙂

Many of us in the Sandwich Generation often find ourselves dealing with the issues of caring for our elderly parents as well as the beloved dogs of these special seniors. Not to mention babysitting grandkids and their sweet puppies, hence the terms "granddog and granddogs. 

Even if we don't have our own dogs due to allergy issues, time constraints, rental requirements or personal preference, it's still good to know some handy dandy granddog basics.

My granddog really loves these peanut butter dog treats

My favorite grand-doggie treat is still the peanut butter dog treats from Blue Bakery and each granddog has highly approved – especially the two cutie pies above!

Another, younger granddog who would love to play with my shoes has a wise owner who wisely makes sure there are no toys that even look like shoes so he doesn't learn bad habits. Instead he has fun dog exercise toys like soccer balls, fun ducks to chase, and even his own set of little "baby" keys. One of his favorite dog exercise toys is his Nylabone dog frisbee which is so easy for him to grab onto.

The nylabone flexible dog frisbee makes great air dog exercise toys

Nylabone products are great for granddogs because they have a wide variety of dog toys and chewies for light chewers on up to aggressive chewers, they are safer than real bones, and they really love them! What with all the love he gets and these fun goodies, this is definitely a happy doggie, 

Love this dog bone and paw print clip art

most of the time…

While I was there, however, he managed to get his left dog dew claw stuck on something and pulled it out!  Not such a happy puppy for a few hours.  I have to confess, I grew up with dogs til I was 18, but my husband and I then adopted a sweet cat. I never even heard of a dew claw before but boy, I am a bit of an expert now. And since the vet explained this was a pretty common occurrence, I thought I'd share some of the info and tips we learned with you, in case your dog or granddog has the same accident. So, be sure to tune in again next Friday for "the rest of the story" along with some great tips to help be more prepared than we were for a dog, or granddog, emergency

I love my granddog car magnet with cute big paw

P.S. Isn't this CUTE!!!! If you'd like one of your own, just click on the picture – or click any of the pictures above to find out more about each item. 🙂

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  1. A Nylabone Dog Frisbee is a Granddog Basic in Our Sandwich Generation Family! via

    • Anonymous
    • September 11, 2010

    My niece has an older border collie that we love dearly. He makes me laugh “gathering up his toys!!!”

  2. How fun! I’ll have to watch him next time I visit to see if my little granddog does the same. 🙂

  3. Happy Monday! A nice review of our treats from Great way to start the week!!

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