Resource-Full News and Information for The Sandwich Generation Issues: EldercareChat and More on UTI In Our Elderly Parents

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Resource-full Twitter Chats for the Sandwich Generation Caregivers

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I love sharing resource-full links, articles, and chats with all of us in the Sandwich Generation as they can be so helpful to all of us caregivers. Twitter continues to be an excellent resource for those of us involved in caring for our aging parents. Last week, Michelle – @Seniors4Living and Denise – @Caregiving hosted #ElderCareChat 6/6/12 and Michelle has an excellent Recap at Seniors For Living. The topic was Complex Caregiving Conversations.

This turned out to be a very interesting Twitter chat dealing with a wide variety of topics from "when can I go home" to the opposite question, "Going into assisted living?" to the very difficult, "Do you have your advanced directives prepared."  Be sure to pop over and read through the comments along with some useful resources to save.

Resource-full Articles on Urinary Tract Infections Including Signs and Symptoms, Tests, and Treatment of a UTI

Did a lab test and discovered UTI urinary tract infection - a common problem the Sandwich Generation caregiver may have to deal withSpeaking of great resources for the Sandwich Generation caregiver, be sure to visit Bob DeMarco at Alzheimers Reading Room. He has another excellent article on UTI in the Elderly – Urinary Tract Infection, You Can Learn From My Experience. It really concerns me how often this common infection goes undiagnosed in our elderly parents, and how bad that can be! And boy, take a look at this article on a UTI in men and women at Wikipedia. The statistics of how many women get this and how often are definitely a cause for concern. And yes, as this article reminds us, men get it too. Not as much but it's still important to be aware of that fact! 

Don't forget, this nasty bug can even impact our grandkids – including those with special needs that require hospitlization! I read a very concerning article at The Telegraph, One in 12 children in hospital 'catch infections' and that included Urinary Tract Infections!

It's so important for us to familiarize ourselves with the signs and symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection so we can take steps to deal with a UTI as soon as possible! In case you missed them, you can find my articles on this topic at:

As with so many of the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for our aging parents while raising our children or babysitting our grandchildren, being prepared is half the battle. Hopefully all these resources will help us all to be prepared for what to do if a Urinary Tract Infection strikes one of our loved ones (or ourselves)!

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