Caring for Elderly Parents At Home With Debilitating Illnesses Such as Stroke or End Stage Parkinsons Disease Patients

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Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert's is a grand resource for the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors!

Adaptive blouses for wheelchair patients and easier dressing for boomers and seniorsSandwichINK is in the midst of the series, Help for the Family Caring for Elderly Parents Who Are Stroke Patients. Here are all the articles in the series.

Many of the articles were written with my senior dad in mind.


They reflect lessons learned by my senior mom and myself as we were caring for him up to and during his end stage of Parkinsons Disease. Those lessons are also applicable to other difficult illnesses, whether you are caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients, dealing with Alzheimers Disease and dementia symptoms, etc. Here are some of them:



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