News for Boomers and Seniors About Top Caregiving Websites and Blogs: Caring From A Distance (CFAD)

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Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen News is an important part of SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation sInteresting news for all of us boomers and seniors caring for our aging parents long distance. There is an excellent looking caregiving website, Caring From A Distance (CFAD), just to help long distance caregivers! This non-profit site, created by four people who had personally cared for family members long distance and knew how difficult it was, was a Finalist in the Best of the Web 2012 and it looks like a very helpful resource.

I just registered for the site to get a feel for what they have to offer and was very impressed. I spotted:

  • Step by step guide to help a new caregiver think through what needs to be done
  • Checklists and forms to help us organize our caregiving needs, contact information, and requirements
  • An online “folder” where you could keep these various lists and, if you would like to, you’d be able to share them with the local family members who might be helping you. (I personally would not use this – being the rather paranoid person that I can be. Or if I did, I’d use abbreviations or code and be very cautious what I wrote. Sadly, we live in a day and age where every time you open the newspaper, you read about another major company being hacked. So I do err on the side of caution.)
  • A wealth of links in their Service Directory for the US, along with some in Canada and Europe, for sites to help caregivers. They only have a few states listed so far but they mentioned that it is continually being updated.

All in all, they have some great resources and tools at their site and are well worth a Sandwich Generation caregiver’s perusal. If you visit, do let us know what you think.

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