Salonpas is great for my senior mom after a long day of gardening activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

News for Boomers and Seniors – Safe Holiday Travel Tips and Free Blog Giveaway

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Baby Boomer News For Boomers and our beloved seniors


Thursdays are when I like to point a spotlight at interesting and useful news for boomers and seniors. Usually that news is from newspapers, on the web, etc. Sometimes the boomer and seniors news is from SandwichINK, itself. Today, it's both! 🙂


There is a growing concern about the new TSA security procedures at airport security checkpoints. I definitely have mixed emotions about it all. I certainly don't want another plane blown up, but I also am concerned for the well-being of my senior parents and relatives as well as my grandchildren (not to mention myself 🙂 ).  Not only that, the concerns and reactions from passengers could actually impact timely departures, particularly if there are any protests at your local airport – especially on the day before Thanksgiving. Hopefully this will all resolve itself well, but I would recommend paying extra close attention to the news right now, and if I were flying on the day before Thanksgiving, I'd make sure i got there AT LEAST the recommended two hours early. And since I tend to be over-cautious, and especially if I was traveling with slow walkers, I would probably get there even earlier than that. 

The big news at SandwichINK is:

WE'RE HAVING AN EXCITING GIVEAWAY! In case you've been as busy or busier than me this week, and haven't had a chance to notice, Salonpas is spreading the exciting word about getting FDA approval for their pain relief patches as well as their arthritis pain relief patch! And to do that, they're giving away two packages which will have samples of each of the pain relief patches, a cute back massager (my grandkids enjoyed it as much as my senior mom and myself!), AND a VERY COOL Pandigital 7 inch wireless digital photo frame! They gave me a complete set to look over, enjoy, and review and I have to tell you, they are very nice.

Pandigital 7 inch wifi digital photo frame is perfect for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and grandchildren

I'll be showing you how to set up the photo frame in a later article, as I prepare it for a Christmas gift for a special senior. It's great for sharing your special family memories with family and friends! It's so easy to enter! Just click here, go to the bottom of the article and leave a comment. That's it. If you WANT more chances, you can read all about it there, but all you HAVE to do is leave one comment, sharing something your or a senior parent do to stay active. Now that's great news for all the boomers and seniors in our families!

And the big news elsewhere in the world is – IT'S ONLY A WEEK TIL THANKSGIVING! 

News for Boomers and Seniors provides tips to help the Sandwich Generation have safe and happy holidays - as this cute clip art shows

Since many of the Sandwich Generation will be traveling to see family, the Car Council wants to remind us all to check our cars carefully to make sure they are in prime condition for traveling and I so agree with them. Two weeks ago I took my car in to have the tires rotated and balanced. There they discovered a major problem that could have caused a big accident. I was totally praising God for watching over my senior mom, my grandkids, and me, I can tell you!

While there, I also spotted windshield wipers which reminded me to replace them. A few days later, when it was raining, I was so glad I had done so. It was much easier to see through my windshield. If I have to make a long trip to the airport in the rain, I'll really appreciate them even more.

And while you're having the tires and wipers checked, don't forget your belts, lights, and fluids. Then, when you are driving around for the holidays, whether to show off your town to visiting relatives or if you are headed "over the hills and through the woods" to visit grandmother or other relatives, you'll be a lot more relaxed knowing you've done your best. 

Here's one last, and very important reminder from the Car Council, particularly vital for those of us in the Sandwich Generation who deal with snow or other extreme weather.  "The Car Care Council also recommends that motorists restock their emergency kit." I have blankets, wipes, water, snacks, and my senior mom's and my Spare Spikes (the strap on ice cleat I wrote about last year that is a lighter alternative to snow boots for women and men) in my trunk for an emergency. How about you?

Important news, fun news, practical news – all for us boomers and seniors, busy caring for elderly parents, helping with grandkids, and juggling all the Sandwich Generation issues, including adding to our sweet and safe holiday family memories! Got more tips? We'd love to hear them. 🙂

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