new years eve fun activities grandchildren grandparents

New Year’s Eve Activities for Grandchildren and Grandparents

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new years eve fun activities grandchildren grandparents

“Maybe I’m crazy to suppose, I’d ever be the one you chose, Out of a thousand invitations, you received…Here comes the jackpot question in advance:What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” This song, written by Frank Loesser and recorded by many, including Harry Connick, Jr., is one of my favorites. One of the fun activities for grandchildren and grandparents is to sing together – old songs as well as new – and this is definitely one I’ve enjoyed singing to all my grandkids through the years.  

New Year’s Eve Ideas

Nowadays, it’s rare we get to spend New Year’s Eve all together, but when we do, this grandma has a great time! I stock up on all the Sparkling Apple Cider and yummy snacks that they can eat. I have fun picking out party blowers, party hats, and party noisemakers at Walmart or Target. I handpick a great movie or two. I plan all SORTS of fun activities for the grandchildren AND grandparents. We have a blast! Sometimes it’s been my adult kids, grandkids, and me. Other times, I get the wee ones all to myself. Either way, I’m in grandma/mom heaven and consider that the absolute best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Stretch Out the Fun

I even have fun when I get to visit within a month of New Year’s Eve. I’ve been known to pack many of those items, take them with me and celebrate New Year’s Eve on January 15! Some other fun things we have done on New Year’s Eve over the years include:


  • Games. One tradition I followed for several years was to buy a new game for a family Christmas gift. Then we would save it for New Year’s Eve. It’s so much fun to play a new game as we end an old year and begin a new one. Some of our favorites include Gobblet and Gobblet Jr., Apples to Apples, Trouble, and various Sequence games.
  • Bowling. Most of the alleys are open and it’s a fun and wholesome way to have a great night plus get a little exercise. When we started this tradition, smoking was the norm. Now, many of the bowling alleys don’t allow smoking which makes it even nicer.
  • Take Out. Many of our favorite places close early for New Year’s Eve to allow their employees to celebrate the evening as well. We call our favorite place (often P.F. Chang’s – YUMMY) and place an order, pick up the food early, and bring it home to enjoy it.
  • Puzzles. These are such fun activities for grandchildren and grandparents! They are fun to set up in a corner and work on throughout the day as you are doing other projects as well. Great ways to save money: Many games and puzzles are on sale this week. It’s a terrific time to stock up for this New Year’s Eve or put them away for next Christmas/New Year’s Eve. Just don’t forget that you bought them and where you put them.

More Cool Ideas

For more fun ideas and activities for grandchildren and grandparents, you might enjoy checking out:

Happy New Year 🙂



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