Need Unique Christmas Gift for Elderly Parents? WalkerWonder News Update!

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Yikes! I don’t know about you but I am WAY behind this month. Between Sandwich Generation senior home care giving and grandparenting and writing and errands and travel and everything else I have to do, I stay totally busy. Throw anything extra into my schedule and I go into overload. Christmas must count as at least THREE extra things so I am in quadruple overload right now! I have found a couple of ways to prepare for Christmas that do help a busy Sandwich Generation caregiver and grandmother and I’ll be sharing them here and there over the next few days, starting today. Number one on my list is unique and attractive gifts for the elderly parents and relatives in my life. How about you?  🙂

I got the nicest letter from Kathleen LeRoy at WalkerWonder. She sent me some interesting updates about her company and I thought you’d enjoy hearing about them too:

“I thought you might be interested to know about some exciting developments at WalkerWonder. Since we've launched, many customers have said they want an attractive, durable, convenient walker bag, so we are proud to introduce our new WalkerWonder Bag! These can be used with or without our unique walker banners.

clip_image002 Five reasons we think this unique new design is the best:

  1. More affordable! The WalkerWonder Bag is under $25, less expensive and better value than others
  2. More secure! Roomy bag (6"x10") has five pockets overall, two large ones with handy zippers
  3. More stylish! Many other bags are plain.  We believe in lively colors: 12 in all, with matching banners too
  4. Only bag with a holder for your water bottle! Bring your comforts with you wherever you go
  5. No more 'leg bumping'! Compact and structured, this bag won't flop around or hang low to hit your knees

We've also heard our customers ask that Walker Banners be more affordable.  This Holiday Season, all our fun Walker/ Rollator banners are now only $29.95 each, a savings of over 40% for a gift that's unique and affordable. Personalized banners reduced too (now under $50 each). In addition, if customers purchase three of the banners they receive our new WalkerWonder Bag for FREE.”

Very nice changes that are practical, useful, and more affordable. Kudos to Kathleen and WalkerWonder! They would make great Christmas gifts for the special aging parents or relatives in our families. They also offer gift certificates. And the best part is that you can do all the shopping for these at home, online. That’s turning out to be one of my best ways to save money and time this year! What are your favorite ideas?

P.S. If you, too, love shopping at home, but prefer shopping from Amazon, they also have some great looking walker bags for gift for the elderly parents and relatives, along with one of my ever-favorite gift for everyone – gift cards! 🙂 

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    • honeymoon
    • December 15, 2009

    Thank you for your sharings.I like to find cheap and unique gifts .you really give me some thoughts.I happend to find the DIsney fleece hat and glove set sell at $5. I immediately ordered one for my little brother.After 5 minutes when I finished my order, the lovely set in blue color has sold out. I am feel very lucky to get the news from early, or I will miss the deal, and miss a better and cheaper gift.

    Today I also successfully ordered a cheap gift for my mother The red scarf is only $1.98. I hope my mother will like it and I am going to look over the walkerwonder, maybe I can find a nice gift for my dad.
    Thank you again.

  1. Hi Honeymoon, thanks for stopping by and the interesting tip. 🙂

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