Compact Reading Glasses are a big help for boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation

My Senior Mom Loves Her Compact Reading Glasses!

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Low vision issues are definitely a cause for concern for both boomers and seniors and there are plenty of news articles about the subject including several of SandwichINK's articles including: Jitterbug Large and Simple Cell Phones For Seniors Are Excellent as well as News for Boomers and Seniors About National Falls Prevention Awareness Day.

Diseases of the human eye - chart

In our own Sandwich Generation immediate and extended family, we have dealt with macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes eye changes, and normal aging eye changes. I have switched from regular glasses to progressive bifocal glasses. I have also discovered that I can no longer wear them 24/7 (other than sleeping), the way I used to. A minor irritation that has been helped tremendously by eyeglass necklace chains for church and a simple glasses cord for every day use.  I especially like the glasses cord I just got from Amazon. It's a bit thinner and less noticeable than the one I got locally, it fits well, and it stays on reasonably well. AND I haven't broken it even though I've been wearing it for quite some time and gotten it tangled in my iPod a few times. YAY!  🙂 

glasses cord - serviceable and sturdy for everyday baby boomer use

My senior mom, on the other hand, has discovered how great non-prescription magnifying reading glasses can be. She now keeps a supply of about 3-4 on hand at all times to more easily read her newspaper, mail, and books. Then, when it's time to watch TV, she takes them off and enjoys her show. She has several sets of compact reading glasses because she does occasionally misplace them. With more than one on hand, she doesn't have to stress about where they are. They're very reasonably priced, always turn up eventually, and simplify her life nicely. We can even get them easily from Amazon. With my Amazon Prime Discount Membership, it's free shipping – always her favorite way to save. And look at the cute carrying cases they come with! 🙂

Compact Reading Glasses are a big help for boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation

Aging eye changes are not one of the more fun problems to deal with in this season of our lives, but we're very grateful for all the low vision aids and resources that are available and how easy they are to buy online. With all the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents and grandkids to juggle, anything that saves you time is a definite PLUS! Don't you agree? 

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