New Habits For Multigenerational Families

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Park Fun With Grandkids – INSIDE

The holiday season has passed, Valentine’s Day beckons but not for a few more weeks. The winter is fully upon us and our sweet multigenerational families. And the kids and grandkids are back to school.


But sometimes they are over at our house. Even here in California, the weather isn’t always the greatest for playing outside. But sometimes, you just want to do something different than stay in the house and play another board game or make another crochet chain. What to do?

Well, here in Roseville CA (next door to Sacramento), we have lots of options. One of our biggest parks is also home to a great library, including fun treats for the kids. It’s also got something else very cool – the Utility Exploration Center. What’s that? As they explain it, “The Roseville Utility Exploration Center works with partners to promote education to students, residents and businesses of Roseville and surrounding communities about energy and water conservation, stormwater quality and waste reduction to ensure the long-term quality of life, health and well-being of our community.

Created out of the city’s belief that sustainability is a principle to live by, the Exploration Center is a one-of-a-kind environmental learning center focused on bringing visitors information on protecting natural resources in a fun, engaging way. Topics covered include energy efficiency, renewable technology, water conservation and recycling.” Basically it takes those topics and turns them into fun projects, activities, games, comic books, and lessons for our kids – that we older folk enjoy too! AND it’s done inside. So on a cold or rainy day, we can head to the library, enjoy some time at the Utility Exploration Center, and head home recharged, re-energized, and revitalized.

Not only that. The creative folk at our libraries came up with a cool new way for kids to read that can encourage even the most recalcitrant readers to give it a try – once a month 6-12 year olds can head to the library and have fun with Tales to Tails. This is an enjoyable program of “reading to friendly library dogs! Animals are attentive listeners who allow children to read at their own pace so they can feel comfortable reading out loud.” Isn’t that cool!?!?!?!?!

Now I realize your library may not have either of these two programs. They might not even have the cozy couches, rugs, and toys that you can find in our kids’ libraries (thought I kind of think you might have those? 🙂 ). But I bet your libraries DO have some fun and intriguing goodies up their booksleeves. Perhaps a LEGO club or an American Girl group? You can call your local library and/or your park and recreation department and ask them what’s available. Or go to your city’s website or their own independent site and search there. I’m guessing most, if not all, of you do have some fun options, including some that might be new to you? And yes! We’d love to hear about them – just let us know in the comments below or on Facebook at SandwichGeneration . And have fun with your grandkids this winter – even if it’s chilly and gloomy outside. 🙂

Caregiver Smiles with Mini Vitamins from the Word

Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTOR writer loves Isaiah 26 3 and shares it with her multigenerational family

My senior mom is having a harder time focusing on reading nowadays. She still enjoys listening to the radio but it’s a bit harder for her to operate. She continues to enjoy her TV but needs more help with finding the shows she likes. And her attention span is a bit shorter. The “better” technology gets, the harder it is for elderly seniors to keep up. I’ve noticed that the things she learned decades ago she still can do but the skills she’s learned in the last 10 years are becoming a bit foggy. It’s definitely frustrating for her, and for me for her sake. It’s not new, of course. I saw this happen with my grandparents and she set a wonderful example for me then of caring for them tenderly during that season of their life. And now it’s our turn to deal with it. So we’re learning to look for other ways of doing things.

One change we’re working on incorporating is – instead of her listening to sermons on iTunes like she used to, she and I are doing little “vitamin” Bible verses each morning – talking about the daily verse that pops up on Bible Gateway or other Bible verses we love (like above and below – can you tell I’ve loved Isaiah 26 verses for a LONG time – even longer than 1999 🙂 ) and praying together for our family and ourselves. It’s a new habit that we are working on and it’s a sweet time of quiet chit-chat and fellowship during the day.

How about you? Are you and your senior parents dealing with this? What new steps are you working on with your multigenerational family in this bright and beautiful New Year?

Encouragement for Boomers and Seniors

God uses daily walks to help me keep my mind on Him in the midst of multigenerational and work needs-Kaye Swain

Sweet Smiles for Multigenerational Families

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” is an old hymn I learned while teaching Vacation Bible School many years ago. I love the truth behind it and have taught it to my kids and grandkids. Here’s a newer version of it combined with other lyrics and it’s a lovely version as well. Music AND lyrics for all ages in our multigenerational families. A sweet smile!

Continuing on in the book of John, here’s Pastor David Guzik with John Part 16 – John 6:47-71 Opposed by Word Twisters (I couldn’t find part 15. I’m thinking it might have not recorded properly?)

Have a blessed week with your multigenerational families full of sweet smiles and joys.



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