Multigenerational Family Fun Memories at Cracker Barrel Today

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The Cracker Barrel is such a fun restaurant to go to with company. Recently, when dropping off a good friend at the airport, we stopped for a delicious lunch there. I thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Cheese steak salad. It is so delish and downright healthy. Especially since I actually ate very little salad dressing with it. A very nice treat, indeed. (And you'll be happy to hear I've kept off the 10 pounds and taken off another 2 – YAY! Still working on it, but slowly 🙂 ). 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny LOVES steak and blue cheese on a healthy and delicious salad

I love that they are so family friendly, from the elderly senior citizens…

Cracker Barrel is great for senior citizen parents with aging eye changes or problems


…to the very young. They even have fun games at each table, with some tables having checker boards painted on them. It was too crowded to get a table with checkers this time but we each enjoyed the fun golf tee peg game. You'll be happy to know that, according to it, I'm "purty smart." 🙂 
This Sandwich Generation grandparent enjoyed playing the Wooden Triangle IQ Test Solitaire Peg Game at Cracker Barrel

In addition to the food, my senior mom and I have such fun going through their store. She enjoys looking at gardening gloves and decor, while I loved this delightful multigenerational family frame. 

A four generations or five generation picture frame makes a delightful gift for the elderly parents in the multigenerational Sandwich Generation

We only have four generations in our family now,

My multigenerational Sandwich Generation family could put this four generation picture frame to good use

but about ten years ago, we were able to have a five generation photo taken which we still treasure. Especially since some of those beloved relatives have gone ahead of us to heaven. That's one of the reasons I try to keep my easy to use digital camera handy, so I can grab those sweet family memories as often as possible. For that matter, I can also use it to grab fun pictures of cute ceramic kitchen roosters I might like to add to our kitchen someday. Sadly, the shot I took of that didn't do so great, BUT here's a similar one that's cute. 🙂

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny does love these white ceramic kitchen roosters

Of course, they are also well known for their cute and colorful clothes and I made sure to grab some red for the photo. This hat is an excellent idea for protecting our faces from too much sun, now that spring has sprung! It's especially good for my senior mom while out gardening! And now I'm well prepared for both Rednesday AND Sweet Shot Tuesday.  🙂

A fun hat for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her senior mom to protect them from skin cancer

How about you? What's your favorite restaurant when you're visiting with your family? Do you ever play Checkers or another game there? Or at Cracker Barrel?   🙂

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  1. Kay, love the hats but the memories of generations is so precious. Blessings, Debbie

  2. woops, I thought I was logged into my main blog. Oh well, come by and visit both if you get the time.

  3. I also enjoy going to the Cracker Barrel. My sister and I go every other Saturday for breakfast. They make the best (fating) chicken and dumplings.

  4. Oh I really love those frames!! I have never heard of the Cracker Barrel – I will have to check and see if we have one near me! 🙂

  5. There’s only one problem with those hats. Oh, it’s not the color! It’s the hole in the top. People with severe hair loss would get badly sunburned, don’t you think? 🙂


    Did someone mention scarlet
    Or was it red I heard?
    Perhaps it was a varlet
    Or a vermilion bird
    That shouted out the color
    That’s dearest to my heart.
    (It makes me feel much duller
    If red is not a part.)

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Just a Spot of Red

  6. I always wear a hat no matter if it is sunny or not, so especially like the one in the photo. The colors in it are so pretty. A sweet post. HRednesday.

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