March Multigenerational Encouragement and St Patricks Day Fun

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Happy Multigenerational Families

The Sandwich Generation is all about multigenerational family joys, isn’t it? Whether we’re still raising our children or helping with our grandkids while overseeing or directly caring for our elderly parents – it’s all MULTIGENERATIONAL. And what a joy to help others and be helped by others in the process. And guess what, some recent studies show that babysitting grandkids can be healthy for our brains. One study said one day a week only. A broader study indicates several days a week are good. And I heartily concur with the second. 🙂

Happy Time Change!

Kaye Swain And Granddogs near far say Spring Forward March 2016 Multigenerational Caregivers grandparents

Isn’t this a cute dog clock (those two look a bit like 2 of my sweet granddogs  🙂 )? They make a fun reminder of something vital. Can you guess what? Yup, it’s almost that time again – next week to be exact. A good time to remind elderly parents, near and far, to change their clocks – SPRING FORWARD. And while you’re at it, remind them to also change their smoke alarm batteries – and do the same for ourselves.

Happy GREEN Smiles

Leap Day has come and gone. Now it’s almost time for St Patrick’s Day. Thinking of multigenerational delights, I thought I’d share some cute coloring pages for young and old a bit early so you have plenty of time to print them and enjoy them with your grandchildren. I also wanted to point you to my Pinterest boards. I have St Patricks Day ideas at my boards for Grandkids, St Patricks Day Joys, and Home Decor.

Kaye Swain Roseville CA multigenerational blogger REALTOR in Roseville CA shares Pinterest resources

Great resources to be found there, that’s for sure! And lots of fun to be had.

Happy St Patricks Day clover from Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento to Multigenerational Caregivers

Have a beary fun multigenerational St Patricks Day Kaye Swain Roseville CA


Happy Bible Verse Pictures

One of my long distance grandkids helped me with designing one of my Bible verse pictures. I read the Scripture in my daily Bible study and wanted to share it with her as well as all of you. I made three versions and she got to pick the one that I posted. Sweet smiles all around. 

Roseville Sacramento Christian Kaye Swain REALTOR blogger boomers seniors SHARES Bible verse pictures baby

Have a Happy Week

I hope your week goes well, your time change goes smoothly, and that your sweet multigenerational family, you and your grandkids and your elderly parents, all have fun getting ready for St Patricks Day. Happy March!

Happy St Patricks Day from Kaye Swain Roseville to multigenerational Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents babysitting grandkids


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