Multigenerational Bird Fun for The Sandwich Generation Family

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My senior mom just LOVES her yard birdies. From bright red Northern cardinal birds to soft red breasted robins, she never fails to be delighted with each sweet song and cheery visits. And she loves to share that delight with her great-grandkids. Last week, in between her gardening projects, she took one grandson at a time out to help her feed the birds. They started off getting the white measuring cup she uses.

Multigenerational bird feeding fun in the spring for the Sandwich Generation

Then she had the grandson fill the cup from the big bag of bird seed.

Grandson feeding birds while grandma shoots the photo with my easy to use digital camera

Then Grandma Kaye lifted each grandchild up to proudly pour the bird seed into her bird feeder that hangs from the tree. After that, they went around with their great-grandma to fill the lower bowls and containers.

My grandson and senior mom had such fun putting birdseed in this - a lovely activity for the Sandwich Generation

Needless to say, my senior mom is in seventh heaven over getting to start up again with her fun gardening and bird projects – as are the grandboys! This is definitely one of the sweet joys in our Sandwich Generation family. Are you enjoying spring as well? Do leave a comment below on this fun Sweet Shot Tuesday.

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