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Moving to A New Home – Just My Sandwich Generation Family and Me…

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Purple-pink Butterfly Bush to put a smile on the face of multigenerational caregivers and their elderly parents 1BIG NEWS! My senior mom and I are on the move again! We are moving to a new home and quite excited about the new neighborhood.

I recently spent several days there house-hunting for us and let me tell you! It is NOT an easy process! Especially for a Sandwich Generation grandma with two grandkids along to help. By myself, I could have spent all day, every day, researching – driving – driving – and more driving to look at areas, houses, etc. With little ones, however, I made sure to take plenty of park breaks, rest breaks, and – of course – keep my grandkid-game iPhones charged and available at all times. One of the boys even brought his laptop and that actually worked the best. He “chill-axed” in the third row of the Rav 4 I rented (it was the only thing big enough to hold all our suitcases 🙂 ), with the second row seat down and his feet up on it. Quite comfy and a nice amount of space between siblings which was also quite handy on some occasions. 🙂

I loved the way they helped me check out each rental home we did go into – especially since they were awesome at looking at everything to see if it had all the items of concern for their great-grandma as well as figuring out which house had good trees to climb and plenty of room for them when they come visit.

It was a challenging, interesting, and exhausting time – full of fun family memories. I learned a lot, enjoyed sweet cuddle times with the grandkids, and – by the grace of God – found a house that met our most vital Sandwich Generation family requirements – a bedroom, bathroom with tub or shower, and laundry room on the FIRST floor for my mom. Those are hard to come by! And we are very grateful for it!

Now we’re in the prayer and packing mode before setting out to rejoin ALL my grandkids as we will now be on the same coast as most of our family (not to mention the same time zone – YAYYYYY). Time to share books, beds, and flowers with friends here before setting off to make new friends there. And having seen so many sweet miracles and answers (yeses) to prayers over the last few months, I know God will be continuing to keep us close to Him throughout this process. As He reminded me this morning, with this plaque that is hanging in my bathroom:

Words of encouragement for the Sandwich Generation 2

Be strong and courageous. Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

How about you and your family? Any major changes coming your way? We’d love to hear about them.

P.S. If you’ve tried to leave a comment recently, I just found out the comments were “broken.” After many unsuccessful attempts to fix them, I finally did an update and “voila!” They now seem to work. YAY – and mega thanks to Janis Van Keuren from Heart-Filled Moments for the heads up. 🙂

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  1. Good luck with your move! I think you will like it on our west coast!

  2. Thanks Grandma Kc – I’m quite excited. This part of the Pacific Northwest is quite new to me and looks to be quite delightful! 🙂 

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