Mother’s Day: Last Minute Ideas for Caregivers

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Mother’s Day is tomorrow! Do you have anything special planned for your senior mom? Don’t tell my two moms but I am making this a book-filled Mom’s Day this year. For one, some fun mysteries and for the other some yummy looking cookbooks. A phone call to one and a lunch with the other are in the plans as well. How about you? Do you have something special planned? Do share.

What with caregiving, grandparenting, and life in general, some of us may not have made it out to the store yet. Ideas are always welcome, even if we save them for next year. If you’re really desperate and you definitely want to do something but can’t leave the house, my two favorite last minute solutions are always Amazon’s Gift Cards and/or an e-photo album from Smilebox! Visit and create amazing greetings with your photos, videos, and music. Email them free. You can do either fairly quickly or spend a bit more time on the Smilebox gift. But whatever you choose, you know your mom will love you and appreciate you as much for your sweet caregiving as for your gift. Isn’t that a wonderful gift!

One more sweet thought for Mother’s Day, that you can enjoy sharing with your mom. The Downtown Duck Hero : The story and photos of a Mother Duck, several baby ducks and a true Duck Hero. You will both get a big smile on your face as you read it! 🙂

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  1. What are you doing for your mother this week? Here are some ideas.

    • Caregiver's Touch
    • May 5, 2010

    What are you doing for your mother this week? Here are some ideas.

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