More Thoughts for the Sandwich Generation Family Dealing With Grief and Hospice

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These pink flowers are lovely for the family dealing with the sadder Sandwich Generation issues of grief hospice and deathThursday I wrote about dealing with grief and loss in our Sandwich Generation families. Some of the links included hospice locators and organizations. My family and I were so blessed during the grief-filled season right before my father passed away, by the wonderful hospice providers in our area and most of the people who came to help us were Christians. At the time, we belonged to an HMO and just used the one they worked with. I didn't know there might be more than one option available and, to be honest, wouldn't have wanted to try to research options at the point in our lives.

Since then, I have learned that in some areas there are more than one hospice programs. If you are caring for aging parents, it might be wise to do some asking around NOW, when you don't have the need. Because once the need arises, you will probably be too busy and/or upset to think it through.

One important consideration in choosing hospice might be there affiliations, including religious. Christianity Today has a very interesting article to read now, when you don't have the need. Even if you just read it and tuck the info away for future reference, I think it is valuable food for thought. 

Have you ever used hospice for your Sandwich Generation caregiving issues? We'd love to hear your feelings and thoughts about it. 

P.S. One of the excellent resource books for the Sandwich Generation family dealing with the issues of grief during a terminal illness is Farewell, My Friend by Beatrice Toney Bailey. You can read the review of it by clicking here. 🙂 

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