Money Saver Restaurant Tips For Fun Times With Grandkids

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Summer vacation and grandkids just seem to go together like a horse and carriage, not to mention love and marriage. I’m looking forward to seeing my long distance grandkids later this summer, and my close up grandkids just got to visit with their long distance grandma. When I see my little cutie pies, we will eat a lot of meals at their house, but I’m also planning on treating them out a couple of times. It’s my way of saying thank you for their sweet hospitality, give my daughter and son a treat, and enjoy the Mongolian BBQ we don’t have locally. Fortunately, they love it too. It’s not a super cheap money saver, but sooooo worth it.

They live in a small town, so there’s not a huge amount of choices. However, thanks to a great article at MSN’s Delish page, I’m going to get to save money on another night. That’s because I discovered that Applebee’s has Monday Night Family Nights where kids eat free, 1 kid per adult. And if you have more than the three adults that will be going in my group (and we do 🙂 ), extra kids are only a buck apiece. SWEET! Of course, I also made sure I read the small print that warns this money saver deal is good only at participating locations. I’m just hoping that will include my future location! I know the grandkids will be thrilled. They already love Applebee’s for their balloons. This grandma loves Applebee’s because of their delicious brownie desserts. Throw in  the free kids’ meals and I’m going to be an extra happy camper!

Whether the grandkids come to visit you, you go to visit the grandkids, or y’all decide to take a multi-generational family vacation, the odds are good you will all be eating out together at least once or twice this summer. So head on over to MSN’s Delish site to read Where Kids Eat Free from A-Z.   🙂  You’ll find 25 money saver restaurants, along with links to directions, reviews, and even some great recipes to cook at home! And Happy Eatin’ to you as well.

For more great Family Friday ideas, be sure to pop over to HomemakerBarbi’s! 🙂

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