Miniature Dollhouses and Train Sets Are Fun For Sandwich Generation Grandparents and Grandchildren

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model train ho that Kaye Swain husband would have likedLooking for activities for grandparents and grandchildren that great-grandparents can enjoy as well? Melissa Dutton wrote an interesting article I sent out on Twitter that I wanted to share here as well. Her article, Crafters of All Types Find Inspiration in Miniature, caught my eye, probably because our family has enjoyed a variety of miniature projects over the years. From my Uncle’s and husband’s HO model train hobbies to my granddaughters’ Victorian doll houses, we’ve all enjoyed our share of dabbling with a fun variety of miniatures.

In our family, they’ve been used a stress relievers, cheap therapy during dark days, and just plain fun with the children and grandchildren. I enjoyed reading extra ideas from Melissa’s article. I particularly liked her idea of decorating her miniature doll houses for each holiday. That seems like an especially useful idea for those in the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents in their own homes. Frequently short on time and space, this could be a good solution for both. I still remember my grandmother’s delightful Christmas miniatures such as a Christmas Tree and Angels. Pulling out the Victorian Doll Houses from my grandchildren’s play rooms and decorating them, then putting them out on display would be easier than doing the whole house, take up less room and make for fun holiday activities for grandparents and grandchildren throughout the year.

A pretty in pink miniature Victorian vintage doll house

If your interests lie in the model train arena, such as HO or N gauge, or even the cute LEGO trains, these, too, could be decorated nicely through the year, with flags for patriotic holidays, bales of hay for harvest time, and, of course, plenty of snow and sparkle for the Christmas holidays.

I also appreciated her comments that, “Volunteers with the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts do projects with the Girl Scouts of America and at assisted living facilities…It definitely creates intergenerational relationships.” Perfect for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, wouldn’t you say?

I’m going to have to keep my eyes open at yard sales this year for a few miniature projects to work on with my grandchildren, then use them for decorating during the holidays. How about you?

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