You can even exercise your arms with this Carex Mini Exercise Pedal Bike

Mini Exercise Bike Reviews for the Baby Boomer Generation and Their Senior Parents

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Wasn’t the “Show Us Your Roosters” Blog Party a hoot – well, actually, a CROWing good time! And don’t you love this cute rooster clipart!

LOVE the long legs on this cute Country rooster clip art from Trina

I couldn’t resist showing him off one more time and he’d love what I’m about to crow about 🙂  (And if you came to visit for my Rooster Party blog post and collectibles, just click here 🙂 ) But now, it’s time to get back to more serious stuff, like all the news of concern for seniors about the heat, interesting new senior fitness equipment, and staying healthy! Thursday, I told you about my senior mom’s new fitness DVD that helps her with her senior fitness and bodybuilding exercises in a kinder gentler way. It is also a great osteoporosis exercise dvd with plenty of non-weight-bearing osteoporosis exercises for older women and men. She really loves this great new exercise dvd, Stronger Seniors® Chair Exercise Program. I also I wanted to tell you about the other new piece of senior fitness equipment we have added to our health arsenal. It’s one of the handy dandy mini stationary exercise pedal bikes we bought last month, the Carex Digital Pedal Exerciser.


Love This Carex Mini Exercise Pedal Bike

I purchased this little bike from Walmart online and we have both been so pleased with it. I loved that there was no assembly required. Would you believe, it only cost $1.97 for shipping to get it delivered to our door in just two – three days. That’s almost as good as Amazon and their Prime Discount Membership!

It works great and she loves it! One caveat to using it – the first time she sat down and started pedaling she was barefoot. I’m not sure if that’s what did it but she did get cramps in her foot. She has done it barefoot since then with no problems, but generally speaking, she and I both usually wear tennis shoes when using it. 

I wanted to test out the less expensive version of this mini stationary exercise pedal bike, and I ordered it while visiting a family friend so we could test it together. If it had worked well, I would have kept it there to use when visiting.

Carex Mini Exercise Pedal Bike that I returned

This one came in several pieces and needed full assembly. The box included a wrench that was so-so. Fortunately  my friend had a better one in her tool kit and put it together for me. It wasn’t hard, but if I had been on my own, it probably would have gone back before I ever tried it!

As it turned out, it was OK to use but seemed to wobble a bit so we did end up returning it. Thanks to Walmart’s great online policies, we could order it online but return it in the store. Very nice!

Overall, I much prefer the Carex digital mini exercise bike that my senior mom and I have. It works great and we get a nice little work out, rain or shine, hot days or snow days, any days! You can even give your arms a good workout!

You can even exercise your arms with this Carex Mini Exercise Pedal Bike

My senior mom prefers to sit in our wooden rocking chair and pedal away (how’s that for great arm chair fitness for seniors 🙂 )  while watching the family memories photo slideshow I have set up for her on our older computer. I personally like slouching down in the couch and pedaling way, like on a recumbent bike, while watching TV as I work off some of the chocolate I ate earlier. :). A definite Sandwich Generation thumbs up recommendation, from both senior and baby boomer, for this great little piece of fitness equipment! 

P.S. Want to order your own mini exercise bike? Just click here for the details. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! We have been looking for something for my grandmother and I think this will be perfect. I appreciate the feedback!

    Have a great weekend.

    P.S. I loved the rooster!

  2. Mini Exercise Bike Reviews for the Baby Boomer Generation and Their Senior Parents via

  3. Hi Traci, You’re very welcome. We’re definitely loving it. 🙂

  4. That looks so cool!!! I’ve been thinking about some kind of stationary bike but I really don’t have room for one. This looks like the perfect solution!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Donna, My senior mom and I definitely consider it to be quite a handy dandy little piece of fitness equipment and lOVE that it doesn’t take up much room! 🙂

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