Minecraft Mods, Maps, And Videos…Not To Mention Homework

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Minecraft continues to be a top topic for my grandkids, intermingled with practicing their end of the year school activities. That means that, when they are around you might hear them singing the names of the president, reciting their history facts presentation, or chatting away about Minecraft mods, maps, and favorite videos. 

Minecraft videos are the primary tutorials for the many mods and adventure maps that are available but it can be a big challenge finding family-friendly videos with clean language. Thus we strive to closely supervise their watching and often have them turn the sound off. That way they can learn from the tutorials without listening to the unacceptable words. I have found a few family-friendly videos that I've subscribed to – with no bad language I've found (and if you find any on those I've subscribed to – DO let me know! 🙂  – and the grandkids have really enjoyed them.

I'm delighted to report that I'm definitely getting better at all this Minecraft stuff. I've actually figured out how to add many of those mods and adventure maps they have asked for. And, unlike my trials with the last Minecraft Update, this time we figured out how to NOT take the update and keep on working happily while we wait for the mods and plugins to update as well. I also figured out how to set up minecraft files with each mod they've tried, so we can swap the mods in and out in a matter of minutes. VERY cool and especially so when one of my grandkids informed me that I was officially their "Queen of Minecraft!!!" WOOHOO! 🙂 

Although it's two years old, Minecraft really does seem to still be in its infancy. Educators are starting to come up with educational adventure maps and mods that I'm hoping will be a great help to all of us parents and grandparents down the road. But right now, it's definitely a bit on the "wild west" side of computer fun for many and IF your grandkids use it, I want to repeat – it definitely needs a LOT of supervision. That's one of the reasons I am spending so much time on it – with them and on my own. It's also one of the reasons some of my grandkids' friends don't yet use it. BUT with care and supervision it can be fun, challenging, and often even educational.

If you're interested in reading more family-friendly ideas and information about Minecraft, do check out my articles HERE as well. Now, I'm off to help my grandkids fly their virtual airplanes.  🙂 


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