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Merck is very well known for their medical manuals. I have two fat paperbacks by them in my bookcase. They are wonderful when we have a mystery ailment that needs “diagnosing.” One is “The Merck Manual of Medical Information” which covers pretty much every symptom I’ve ever come across. The other is “The Merck Manual of Health & Aging.” As they put it in their title, it is “The comprehensive guide to the changes and challenges of aging-for older adults and those who care for and about them.” That pretty much covers most of us here at .


As much as I appreciate their hard-copy books, I also very much like their online option. is the site for the home edition of the Merck Manual of Medical Information and I have used it many times. The online version is set up a bit different than the book. It includes information not found in the book and it is updated more often than the book. I especially like it when I am traveling, since even the paperback edition of their book is pretty hefty.


All in all, the combination of the hardcopy and the online version of the Merck Manual is an excellent addition to every caregiver’s resource library.

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