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Baby Boomer News For Boomers and our beloved seniorsAs you've probably noticed when listening to the news or reading the newspaper – it's definitely the season for vacation fun for all ages from grandkids to seniors. The last time I was at the airport, it was much more crowded, including plenty of my compadres from the baby boomer generation on up to the older senior citizen I chatted with in the eating area. For many, it's a time to visit grandkids near and far. For others, it's the happy news they are getting to take that long-dreamed of vacation overseas. BUT what would have happened to my friend's senior mom if she had become a stroke patient while in a foreign country? Scary thought, isn't it! 

The reason I had the thought was because I was in the midst of the series on caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients when I got a very interesting note from Cathy who works for a favorite company of our Sandwich Generation family, Assist.

Love this pink leather passport holder for Pink SaturdayWith kids who have a strong sense of adventure and love for God, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when they planned and participated in overseas missionary trips. I was so proud of them, but also worried about health and accidents at the same time. I did a LOT of praying as you can imagine.

A few years later, when an adventurous young adult traveled overseas alone, again, this time for fun – once again there were lots of prayers, lots of concern, but also a welcome relief since I'd recently discovered . As Cathy explains it:

Assist is the nation's premier membership program with the nation's premier medical evacuation protection that they will surely need if they become a stroke victim or are hospitalized for a variety of other reasons while traveling the globe and need hospitalized back home…

Knowing the difference in medical evacuation options is crucial because most Platinum card benefits and standard travel insurance policies will not get you to the hospital of your choice if you are hospitalized while traveling. 

MedjetAssist plans are usually better than what many of the credit card company offers - especially for those of us caring for elderly parents in case they get sick overseasAs she went on to explain, generally speaking –  credit card and other companies will usually only arrange to medically evacuate you, and that's ONLY IF it is medically necessary. And at that point, they only evacuate you to the closest appropriate medical center. 

As I learned when we used MedjetAssist the first time, Medjet lets YOU decide where you want to go for your care and treatment. Needless to say, most Medjet members want to get back to their own home hospital, medical professionals and network of family and friends. Or, as in our case, to a hospital near a family member who will be available to care for them once they are released from the hospital. 

Since we were living several states apart at that time, I was so relieved to know that if they'd been injured or taken seriously ill, they could come to a hospital near me so I could visit – then nurse them back to health before sending them back home. And I so appreciated that as a Medjet member, the decision on where we wanted to go was up to us!

As Cathy explained so well:

As a Medjet member if you become hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, virtually anywhere in the world, Medjet will arrange medical transfer to the hospital of your choice. With Medjet there are no medical necessity clauses, transport cost limitations or additional fees and no pre-existing condition exclusions up to age 75. 

What great news for all of us boomers and seniors!

I am so grateful to God that the two times we used MedjetAssist, we never needed to take advantage of their services. But I am also so grateful to God that He provided me with the knowledge of them for both those trips. When I was sitting at home, praying and waiting to hear how they were doing, God would remind me they were fine. And if they needed to come home due to illness or injury, THEY COULD. 

Love this hot pink travel luggage on wheels - would definitely be easy to spotI know if my senior parents had ever taken that trip overseas like they used to think of, before they fell in love with Hawaii (MUCH closer – yay!), I would definitely have recommended to them as well. In fact, I would have recommended it for the Hawaii trips too! 🙂  And I certainly recommend MedjetAssist to you – for yourself, your traveling kids, and your elderly parents with fun wanderlust. It's perfect for the multigenerational Sandwich Generation! 🙂  

P.S. Want to know more?     🙂

P.P.S. Happy Pink Saturday. Click here to find more fun pink things from Beverly. AND if you'd like to see where this Sandwich Generation granny nanny does all her creating and blogging, with a hint of pink, of course – just click here. 🙂 

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  1. I’m so glad I came to your blog today – I’m leaving for Canada in a few weeks and just realized that if something were to happen to me, none of my family has an active passport to come get me. 🙁 I’m going to look into this MedAssist right now. An answer to prayer, for sure! 😉 Appreciate this Post today, more than you know! I’m only 55, but my mother had a stroke this past December, and it’s had me thinking on the same vein as your post. BE PREPARED, is my motto! 😉 God Bless and ~Merci!

  2. Hi Catherine – You’re very welcome AND GOOD thinking. I didn’t even think of that aspect for the article but I did when one family member went overseas alone. At that point, for the first time in my life, I DID get a passport for just the reason you mentioned – in case I had to go over and help. I’ve never used it and that’s ok. It was just nice to know I had it if I needed it. 🙂 Thanks for bringing that up and VERY wise thinking. 🙂 AND have a wonderful trip! 🙂

  3. Read this: MedjetAssist is Good News for The Sandwich Generation, Including …: Caring for elderly parents who …

    • Lynn
    • July 17, 2011

    Invaluable info. Kaye…I printed it out for safe keeping. HPS 🙂

  4. Thanks, Lynn! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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