Medicare Prescription Deadline is December 31, 2008

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Not only does this week contain the last day of the year. It also contains the last day to file for a change in prescription coverage for Medicare, if you so choose. This post is to remind any of you who qualify for Medicare, or who have elderly relatives who qualify for Medicare, that if you need to change your prescription coverage and haven’t done so, the deadline is in two days – December 31, 2008. You might even want to remind anyone you know who is over the age of 65, that the deadline is looming. It doesn’t get as much attention as filing income taxes and with all the fun of Christmas and hoopla of New Year’s it would be easy to forget it. It isn’t mandatory for everyone. Action is only required if changes are needed.

If you or they have been putting off doing this, now is the time! AARP has an interesting article on some points of concern you might want to look at before doing the paperwork. For that matter, anyone who has decided not to make any changes might also want to look over this article. Medicare Part D: Penalties for Brand Drugs Hidden From Beneficiaries

You can also find basic information from Medicare’s site – .

I would encourage you not to wait until December 31. Do it now, if it needs doing, and enjoy a peaceful rest of the week.

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