Love Blairs pink fleece including this sweatshirt but black is better for the hospital for the Sandwich Generation

Love Pink Things? Maybe Not At The Hospital Though! One of Those Tiny Practical Tips For Taking Care of Elderly Parents +

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Velour sweatshirts are a fave of Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTORI recently got the prettiest velour sweat shirt/jacket, similar to this shade of pink, during the after-Christmas sales. Quite pretty, easy wash and dry, and it looks so nice – even with my Sandwich Generation/baby boomer burgeoning metabolism and tummy. 

This being Pink Saturday, I’m betting many of us also have a cute pink sweat suit – one that looks so perky and raises our spirits. Even our senior moms may have one of those. 🙂 The senior dads probably prefer grey, what do you think?

Why all the sweat suit talk? Because I found a note I made to myself after a dear friend’s surgery a while back. No matter how cute they look, do NOT wear those cute pinks or “stylin’ greys” if you are headed for the hospital for surgery. Why?

Depending on the surgery and all that it entails, there’s a good possibility they will get spotted, stained, or totally ruined. While we were in recovery for an out-patient procedure, I overheard another patient commenting that she had gotten blood on her pants and was so upset as it was a favorite pair of hers.

Not a fun or exciting post – but an eminently practical one with another of my simple tips for taking care of our Sandwich Generation family, from elderly parents on down to the grandkids. BLACK is definitely the color to pick when you are headed for the hospital – preferably with full elastic waist pants. It may not be quite as pretty as our favorite pinks, but it is definitely less likely to show any stains – whether blood, medications, or spilled food. And those full elastic waist pants will be much easier to put on and take off! Comfort clothing for the hospital for all, from grandkids to elderly parents – “the only way to fly.” 🙂 (And yes, that cute velour jacket at the top or the lovely fleece set below may come in black as well.)

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  1. I occasionally get Blair’s book. I will definitely look these up.

    • Carolyn
    • January 28, 2012

    This is a great post and reminder. Happy Pink Saturday!

    • chubskulit
    • January 28, 2012

    Gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday!

    My PINK, have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. Thanks Carolyn!

  4. 🙂

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