Happy Pink Saturday to the Sandwich Generation taking care of aging parents and babysitting grandchildren

Looking for Ways of Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy in Your Grandkids Hearts This Easter?

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Happy Pink Saturday to the Sandwich Generation taking care of aging parents and babysitting grandchildrenAfter an uber busy time of babysitting all day, every day last week, this week was just as busy but not nearly as noisy…or as fun. My nearby grandkids went out of town for some great family time, while my senior mom and I went grocery shopping, paid bills, and did a bit of spring cleaning. They get back tonight though and I'm looking forward to sharing the Resurrection Easter eggs with them, playing some ball tag, and reading more of the Easter story with them before they "hit the hay" in what will probably be total and happy exhaustion from their fun week. 

Many other of my grandparent compadres – including you maybe? – are spending a lot more time with their grandkids this weekend. If that is you and you're looking for interesting and creative ways to spend the time with an emphasis on the spiritual side of Lent and Easter, here's a few ideas:

  • Take your grandchildren to a church's Good Friday service if it is kid friendly. Many churches are now offering a special "tour" of some of the special events of the last days of Jesus' life – with tactile and sensory experiences like feeling a crown of thorns, shaking a bag of 30 coins, lifting the heavy wood that might be used in the cross, etc. What a great way to make the Crucifixion story more real and personal for them.
  • Join in our fun with your own Resurrection Easter Eggs. Our local book store still has some in stock. If yours doesn't, you can make your own with the help of some of the resources listed in "It’s Time for the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids to Work on Their Resurrection Easter Eggs."
  • Cuddle up together and read the story of the last week of Jesus' life from a kid's Bible or Bible story book like the Jesus StoryBook Bible.

Easter blessings to the Sandwich Generation caregivers everywhere

  • Take a walk around the block with your grandkids and admire the blossoming of new life sprouting up all around, talking about new life in spring and new life in Jesus thanks His death and resurrection.
  • Make handmade Easter cards together for parents, grandparents, and special seniors in your neighborhood. If you have any flowers growing in your yard, like the lovely tulips decorating this article, you might include a couple with each of the handmade greetings cards you've made. 

Christian encouragement for grandparents in the Sandwich Generation with the desire of leaving a sweet spiritual legacyFun projects and fun ways to plant sweet seeds of God's love in our kids and grandkids hearts. One of the many delights for those of us in the Sandwich Generation including those of us babysitting our grandchildren. And be sure to check out Pink Saturday – you might spot some easy Easter crafts ideas for us seniors to enjoy with our grandkids. 🙂 

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  1. Great ideas! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter. ~Diane (I am #16)

  2. Looking for Ways of Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy in Your Grandkids Hearts This Easter?… http://t.co/yP1vmY0z

    • Ann
    • April 7, 2012

    Love your fun Easter projects and ideas. Heres hoping you have a blessed Easter with your family.

  3. THanks Ann – you too! 🙂

  4. Hi Kaye,
    You have shared some really great ideas! The purple tulips are lovely. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday and Blessed Easter weekend.


  5. Thanks so much Sandi! 🙂 I did, indeed. I pray you had a lovely and blessed Easter weekend as well!

  6. Thanks Diane. And thanks for a fun visit to your site as well 🙂

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