I found 10 commandments crafts for kids in the Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for children

Easy Bible Crafts Books for Kids and Grand childen (And Us Seniors)

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Any idea what today is? It’s BOOK LOVERS DAY! Boy, is that ever a great description for this Sandwich Generation grandmother! Right now, I’m mostly reading kids’ books. But I have a pile of Christian romance novels and mystery books for a different season of my life down the road. How about you?

When I was trying to decide what books to share today, I sorted through my photos and discovered some pictures I had taken while shopping at the bookstore with my granddaughter. “Perfect,” thinks I. Especially since the books are full of fun and easy Bible crafts and puzzles for kids, not to mention us seniors who work with them, including some cute 10 commandments crafts for children

I found 10 commandments crafts for kids in the Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for children

There was also a ten commandments craft or two for kids in this Bible crafts book for children

And while this isn’t a book, it is a BOOKmark. I couldn’t resist adding it in. My granddaughter picked it out. We loved the cute play on words for knee-mail. Isn’t it a great way for her to start the new school year. 🙂

My granddaughter spotted this great bookmark - perfect Christian encouragement for the beginning of the school year

Have fun with the BOOK LOVERS DAY. And…

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