Boomer and senior fitness and bodybuilding is an excellent way to exercise for osteoporosis

Looking for an Easy Weight Bearing Exercise Book for Osteoporosis Prevention or Treatment?

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2 pound weights for the baby boomers and senior citizens to work out with via Kaye Swain SandwichINK for the multigenerational Sandwich Generation
Welcome back to the SandwichINK continuing series on Osteoporosis as we share some exercises and eating tips that can be effective for natural osteoporosis prevention and/or treatment. This week, I ordered Weight Lifting For Absolute Beginners for my senior mom and I to try out along with reviewing it for you. I chose it because the description included these benefits you might gain by adding a weightlifting routine to your schedule:

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this was a mother-daughter writing project – how perfect is that for a Sandwich Generation resource? Jessie Good is the owner and designer of a women’s exercise website and the medical illustrator for the University of Washington’s Division of Medical Genetics. Her mother, Jonni Good, has been involved in the health care industry for many years, first as the manager of an alternative care clinic, and then in the training and documentation department of one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies. I purchased their eBook through Clickbank and was very happy to see that they offer a generous 8 weeks satisfaction guarantee – meaning we can contact Clickbank for a refund if we don’t like it. I always like to see that!

Boomer and senior fitness and bodybuilding is an excellent way to exercise for osteoporosis

This 60 page eBook is full of “weight lifting exercises that can be done by anyone who is able to lift a one-pound dumbbell.” Please note that not all the exercises use weights, though most do. And one very important caveat – make sure everyone giving this a try checks with their doctors first. That’s always a wise precaution and even more so for the Baby Boomers Generation and our senior parents. The eBook also includes printable posters to help you remember what to do, easy-to-follow directions and pictures, and printable forms to make up your own personalized exercise journal.

I really love that they give plenty of options for how to do these exercises, giving you easy, medium and advanced choices. This is particularly useful if you have minor or major range of motion issues from arthritis, or perhaps a 5th metatarsal fracture!   :)    Speaking of my fracture, I haven’t been able to play tag or hide n seek with my grandkids. I have graduated from having to walk around the block at a snail’s pace by sitting in the transport wheelchair and propelling myself. Now I can actually walk but I’m still quite slow. Thanks to all that, I’ve added about 7 pounds, which I’m NOT thrilled about (though I do keep reminding myself, rejoice always! :)). I definitely need to do some exercising somehow so I don’t turn into a complete couch potato, and these look like they will be perfect for me.

Starting out with weights as light as one pound can be a great way to exercise of osteoporosis

I printed out the primary part of the book and went right to work testing out each of the exercises. I read that these are low-impact weight-bearing exercises for men and women, which should be great for osteoporosis but it’s still important to warm up first and they make sure to explain that in the beginning of the book. They start us off using one-pound dumbbells but encourage us to work hard and gradually work our way up to heavier dumbbells. For those who travel, they even have a great suggestion for that.

I was a bit surprised with the two exercises they started with, as they seemed a bit hard, however they do point out that if you are unable to do them, you can skip them for a couple of weeks while you do the actual weightlifting, then try them again. After a few weeks, they explained, you should then be able to do them.

I was very pleased that I was able to do all the exercises with no problem. In fact, after working through all the exercises, I have to say I am very happy with this eBook. I looked for something like this a few years ago but never found what I wanted. Now I have. It’s not for jocks, it has easy to follow pictures and directions, and it has various levels for all of us from the well-exercised members of the exercising-instead-of-aging Baby Boomers Generation to the more active of our senior parents (I’m in between). In fact, I was especially happy to see information specific for the baby boomers generation along with our senior parents. They recommend that you use these exercises half the week, alternating every other day with an aerobics plan. It’s your choice whether that is running, biking, tennis, walking, or playing tag.

Senior fitness and bodybuilding can use include jogging as an aerobic exercise - playing tag works too

The one problem I have is more me than it. Unlike my senior mom who is very disciplined about exercising, I’d rather play a game like tennis with the grandkids then do rote exercises. That will be the hardest part for me in following this plan. But I can tell that if I stick with them, they will be very beneficial to me! I’ll just have to plan to make a date with my TV and my weights since working out while I watch TV keeps me from noticing if I’m bored.  They do a good job of making it more interesting with the variety, and the benefits to us will more than outweigh the boredom! If we keep up with them, we’ll gain more strength and energy for caring for elderly parents as well as being able to keep up with my grandkids. As a matter of fact these will probably even make for fun exercise activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. Fitness for kids is just as important for them as it is for us Baby Boomers and for our senior parents! All in all, I am very pleased with this book and highly recommend it to you.

If you would like to join me in getting in shape and feeling better about yourself, just Click Here!. (And, if you’d like to see what you can expect during the purchase process, go ahead and click here. )

Whichever you pick, I’d love to hear how it works out for you! Here’s to healthier bodies and proactively fighting off Osteoporosis for all of us in the exercise-instead-of-aging Baby Boomers Generation! 

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