Many of us in the baby boomer generation are dealing with total hip replacement surgery issues for themselves or their elderly parents

The Sandwich Generation Is Looking for A Hip Replacement Surgery Video or Information

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Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery Info for the Sandwich Generation

Many of us in the baby boomer generation are dealing with total hip replacement surgery issues for themselves or their elderly parentsHip replacement surgery and recovery! Anytime you say surgery, the "worry lines" tend to appear, don't they? Whether for yourself or a loved one.

Any surgery carries a risk – both physical and mental – and the older the patient the more this is true. But anterior and traditional hip replacement surgery both appear to have excellent records and are a major blessing for patients suffering tremendously from hip arthritis, so I was quite encouraged as I read and researched various sites, including this article from,  Survival Following Total Hip Replacement Surgery

I then went looking for an informative hip replacement surgery video and found several, starting with this interesting video from the offices of Dr. Steven S. Louis, orthopedic surgeon, describing the difference between anterior vs posterior in hip replacement surgery from the point of view of Ms. Lonngren, who is both a nurse AND a patient who has had one of each type of surgery. I do not know Ms. Lonngren or Dr. Louis, who was her surgeon, and who is on the orthopedic team at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Illinois. However what I heard was similar to what my relative's hospital talked about. MAJOR CAVEAT TIME –  This info is presented with no guarantees. It is purely informational. As ALWAYS, be sure to consult your own doctor to confirm anything you may have questions about. ALWAYS good advice about ANY medical condition. 🙂

With that being said, here's the video. 🙂

WebMD, one of my favorite medical resources, also has two videos on hip replacement surgery in their Aging Gracefully video section:

And last but not least and DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH:

MedLinePlus from the U.S. National Institutes of Health has several videos that all appear to be the actual operations as does this video.

A practical guide to hip surgery and recovery can be very handy for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parentsAll in all, the news for the baby boomers and seniors dealing with hip replacement surgery and recovery for ourselves or our senior parents seems to be quite positive. And that's great news for this Sandwich Generation caregiver. How about you? 

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