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The Word of the Lord endures forever - words of encouragement and inspiration for the Sandwich GenerationHow's your week going? Sandwich Generation issues keeping you busy as ever? I've had one full of plenty of those along with lots of extra praying (including a few needs AND people that I've been praying about and waiting on for a few years!) A long distance loved one was having a major problem and I was working to help them. Also, I had misplaced a check and could NOT find it, even though I looked carefully where I knew it had to be two times. And yet, because of all the praying, and because of what He's had me teaching my grandkids about praying and waiting on the Lord, He kept me filled with His peace about it all week.

On Thursday, I had a delightful time with grandkids – working on school projects, playing outside, enjoying the many sweet gifts from God like a lovely breeze, stinky harbingers of fall, and, I thought, an autumn leaf tumbling down. I got so excited about it, I twirled around with the grandkids trying to find another, to no avail. 

Then we went out front. Would you believe, there was another fall leaf – "suspended" in mid-air – just for me – by a spider web. It was so wonderful. Like a teeny tiny hug from God in the midst of so many uncertainties.

God sent a spider and a leaf to give this Sandwich Generation granny nanny a gentle hug of encouragement

That day, I went home unexpectedly early, headed to my room and thought I'd look for the check one more time. After 45 minutes of careful tidying, filing, and cleaning my desk, I was ready to quit and head for another project. I spotted a box on the floor that I had looked at before (from a different angle). I checked it one more time, and YES! There was the check. It had slipped down and in between two taller sheets of paper – unseen from the earlier look-see. But now, it was in plain sight. HOORAY! 

What fun it was to be able to call my grandchildren (in addition to being my personal trainers, they are also my sweet prayer partners – both local and long distance cuties) and tell them how God had answered our prayers! What a wonderful joy there is in leaving a spiritual legacy of consistent prayer, with wonderful yeses, along with some no's and, as I said, plenty of waits. Not only that! The short-term problem of my  long distance relative was resolved successfully in the nick of time. I must say, specific answers to these and other prayers this week gave me such a boost of encouragement for persevering in my long term prayers that God has me waiting on for myself and for other loved ones! How about you? Do you pray with your grandkids? It's an awesome privilege, isn't it? Have a blessed week! And…

Spiritual Sundays are full of devotionals with encouraging Bible verses to bless the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors busy caring for the elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren

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    • Renee
    • September 2, 2012

    Your post made me smile because I just went through a similar experience with misplaced cash. Fortunately, I overslept on trash day and missed the neighborhood pick up. This prompted me to check my trash bag one more time–and I found a bank envelope of cash right on top! Yay! I love that He can help us be at peace through those everyday stresses and strains. Thanks for visiting me today. Blessings!

  1. OH WOW, Renee, awesome!!! I was so afraid that was where my check was and the trash had already gone out. PTL for His care over both of us! 🙂

  2. Love these serendipity moments. I think God likes to give them to us. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I totally agree Charlotte. 🙂

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