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Traveling – whether by car, boat, train, or plane – generally requires plenty of packing. I do it frequently and have a pretty good routine. Even so, on my last trip, I forgot several key items. Why? Because I was so busy and interrupted so often, I forgot to follow my most important rule. Make a list of all the items to take and check it three times! I think a bit of pride got in my way as well. After all, I’m traveling enough to earn frequent flyer miles. I’ve got this thing down pat. Right? Wrong! I forgot a decongestant I needed, important keys, and even the one item I never leave home without. My pillow! (Don’t laugh. You’d be amazed how many people I’ve met who travel with their own pillow(s). It makes for much easier sleeping at strange hotels.)

Today’s tip is to start making a list of everything you need to take with you the minute you plan the trip. Add to it whenever you think of something else. When it’s time to pack, if you refer to that list as you pack, doublecheck it when you are done, and triple check it before you walk out the door, you will probably not forget anything important, even if you are interrupted nonstop during the process.

For caregivers, interruptions are often a given. Not having to worry about that or deal with forgotten items at the end of the trip thanks to your list = priceless.

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