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Got some great links for caregivers. Have fun doing some web-surfing with purpose.

The Arthritis Foundation has ten excellent ways to protect your joints which is especially important for caregivers or their elderly relatives who have arthritis – 

Yummy – the Diabetic Gourmet Magazine has some tasty looking recipes along with valuable information for Diabetics. This would be useful for any of you who have Diabetes or who are caregivers for loved ones with Diabetes. 

And while we’re on the subject of Diabetes, here’s an interesting article on the possibility of cinnamon being useful for helping control blood sugar. As always, before you try something new, talk to your doctor first. And take a copy of the whole article for them to look at.

Lab Tests often seem to be written in a foreign language. Good news! There’s a lab in Amarillo, TX that has a page to translate many common tests for us. Again, don’t let this site keep you from communicating with your doctor. Use it to help you ask wise questions. . Now, where did I put that cholesterol test. I’m gonna check this out…

Don’t know if this will make you laugh or cry – but here’s a site that will tell you to the minute how long you have lived. May you have many more minutes and seconds to go and may they be powerfully blessed by God!


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