“Let’s Go Fly A Kite!” Fun Baby Boomer Memories for Our Sandwich Generation Families

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Do you remember when the movie Mary Poppins first came to the theater. Oh my! I still remember sitting there – totally enchanted by all the wonderful songs and dancing. It's one of my extra special family memories, that's for sure! I treasure the memories of sitting there with my parents and enjoying the vibrant colors, singable songs, and fun story. I even remember enjoying the hot buttered popcorn. That was a rare luxury then AND now. Only then it was because of budgets and now it's because of my baby boomer metabolism! 🙂 I had grown up loving fun old musicals thanks to my parents and grandparents and this movie was definitely delightful addition to our family favorites! 

I thought of Mary Poppins this week when my senior mom and I were talking about all the kite flying fun the grandkids and I had. Do you remember the happy song, from it – Let's Go Fly A Kite? It's perfect for this week, don't you think? 🙂

I asked my senior mom if she remembered flying a kite when she was young. She explained that her dad, my grandfather, stayed so busy working and maintaining his rental houses, that he didn't really play a lot and they had never flown kites. She did have some vague recollection of when we were children and taking us out to enjoy flying kites. Just like me, though, she didn't really know how to make a kite and left most of the work to MY dad. 🙂

Somehow, though, that conversation did lead to some other fun family memories of the house my grandfather had built. She even had an article that showed the plans he used to build it. We had a lovely time reminiscing together. One of the difficulties of the Sandwich Generation is that we can stay so busy helping, we don't always remember to just stop and talk and have fun. I'm trying to be good at doing just that by asking more questions of past events. I enjoy hearing about them and our aging parents love to share them. So, did you senior parents ever go fly a kite? Or take you to see Mary Poppins when it first hit the theater? I bet you'll have fun finding out and we'd love to hear too. 🙂 

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  1. I really can’t remember flying a kite. It seems like I remember the music from the movie. 🙂 Thanks for that post about remembering good times. Blessings ~

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