Pre-Easter Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren – Lent 3

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Prepping for Easter Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Kids easter activity and crafts: stringing plastic easter eggsGood afternoon! I wanted to pop in with some sweet Sunday encouragement for all of us in the Sandwich Generation. We continued to enjoy pre-Easter activities for grandparents and grandchildren this week. My cute grand-toddler LOVES to open each of the Easter Resurrection eggs, one at a time, as I tell the story of Easter.




And he was excellent at practicing this week’s Bible verse while we talked about being as gentle and tender as bunnies. I even managed to sing it to him using the tune from Frere Jacques. 🙂

Easter Bunny reminder to be kind Eph 4 32 SandwichINK in color

Plus I made a cute coloring page of it:

Easter Bunny reminder to be kind Eph 4 32 SandwichINK coloring page final

Baking Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

We all enjoyed some fun baking activities this week. Well, grand-toddler and I had fun doing the baking, my elderly mom enjoyed helping us eat the yummy cookies, and the teeny ones enjoyed smelling the good cookies, while munching on their puffs.

I found some great-sized packets of Betty Crocker sugar cookies for a terrific price at Amazon.  They were drop cookies but I had hoped they would come with the directions for how to convert them to cookie cutter cookies. They didn’t BUT I found the directions for the larger sized packages and divided them in half. It wasn’t quite half, but the results pleased all of us mightily AND grand-toddler and I had a lovely time making little kids (ie gingerbread boys in March – his favorite) with the dough and our Wilton Cookie Cutters while talking about how God loved EVERYONE so much He sent His Son to us to save us from our sins. It was a sweet treat, in more ways than one!

Yummy pre-Easter activities for grandparents and grandchildren


Easter Encouragement for Elderly Parents

Of course, the Bible verse above isn’t just for grandkids. It’s vital for all of us in the Sandwich Generation as we keep busy juggling all the issues in the Sandwich Generation including dealing with occasional hurt feelings, cross moods, etc. while we care for our elderly parents, our kids and/or grandkids, and all the issues that entails. Here’s a version to share with our sweet elderly parents:

Be kind and gentle like bunnies SandwichINK caregivers 1

Watch Out for Fun Fools Tomorrow

April Fools Day fun with no words for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandkids

Just a fun warning that TOMORROW is April Fools Day. So be on your guard for any fun fools that may come your way. I always encourage fun April Fools activities that don’t include lying – like making tasty food switches (ONLY yummy ones – I have a third cousin who is still upset about a non-yummy trick many years ago). Like…

But no matter what trick, I always enjoy laughing with my grandkids. A merry heart does good like medicine. 🙂

Have a great week and enjoy plenty of fun spring and pre-Easter activities for grandparents and grandchildren!



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