Easter Fun for The Sandwich Generation – Lent 2

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Easter Fun for Kids and Grandkids!

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday again! I had hoped to get one or two more posts up but as you can see, twas not to be. So the longer post I’m working on for all of us in the Sandwich Generation will have to wait a day or two (or more) more. But here’s a shortie with some more Easter Fun ideas along with an Easter Scripture coloring page and Bible memory verse for our kids and grandkids.

Easter Bunny Truths for Grandkids

Easter Rabbit ears remind us of James 1 19 Scripture picture jpg

True confession time – I’m not a big Easter bunny fan. BUT some of my grandkids definitely are. And when I saw similar Easter fun and cute ideas in a few different spots online for using a white bunny to remind us of the true story of Easter, I couldn’t resist adding to the fun.

I’m not sure where it started. I found this Easter fun bunny tale (play on words intended 😉 ) at several sites including:

They each have a slightly different take on it but basically – they suggest talking about a white rabbit and sharing some great Easter verses to think about when you see the rabbit.  For example, rabbits have long ears. That pairs up well with James 1:19

“Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.”

DLTK has a cute bunny rabbit coloring picture with the characteristics labeled along with Bible verses.  I printed that out for my grand-toddler to enjoy. (Note – a couple of the Bible references seem to be incorrect – if you have problems finding the correct ones, let me know and I’ll send you what I ended up using.)

Plus I headed to Etsy, where I found some cute clip art from one of my favorites there – Edu-clips – and turned them into the Scripture picture above and the cute kids coloring page below.

Easter Rabbit ears remind us of James 1 19 Coloring page

Christian Easter Books for Kids

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story: Stickers Included! (Berenstain Bears/LivingThe Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story: Stickers Included! (Berenstain Bears/LivingThe Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story: Stickers Included! (Berenstain Bears/LivingThe Easter StoryThe Easter StoryThe Easter StoryThe Story of EasterThe Story of EasterThe Story of Easter

Speaking of Easter fun, with a focus on our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – I found some new-to-me Christian Easter books for children that I really liked! They are:

Each of these, along with the other Bible story books I have, tell different aspects of the Christian Easter story in a way children can easily understand. Sweet truths coupled with Easter fun! Hopefully, as we read different ones throughout this sweet season of Lent and Easter, my grandkids will learn important truths that will bless them for a lifetime.

Got More Lent and Easter Fun Ideas?

Easter Fun ideas for Sandwich Generation kids grandkids

Have a lovely week! And YES! If you discover some great Lent and Easter fun ideas for our Sandwich Generation kids and grandkids, we’d love to hear about them!

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