Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy by Following the 8th of the 10 Commandments for Kids and Grand children

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Many of us in the Sandwich Generation are dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents who have dementia symptoms caused by end stage Parkinsons Disease, Lewy Body Dementia Disease, Alzheimers Disease or other illnesses. Some of us, while caring for elderly parents, may also be caring for spouses with difficult illnesses. After all, as we caregivers are aging, so are our spouses. One such gentleman, Jim Brian, is doing so and has recorded a lovely hymn song and video, The Last Valley, in honor of his wife, Carolyn, that I wanted to share with you during Sandwich Generation Month to encourage any of you who may be experiencing something similar

Wasn't that lovely. And what an encouragement to us to see his faith set firmly on the Lord as he continues steadfastly with his marriage. Talk about leaving a wonderful spiritual legacy by obeying the 8th of the 10 commandments for our kids and grand children in our Sandwich Generation families, don't you think?