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Photos always tend to add spice to life. If you have an elderly parent who can’t see well, however, they may have problems enjoying photos. I just stumbled upon an interesting site that is FREE (how’s that for a frugal tip for caregivers!). Block Posters – – takes your photo and blows it up as big as you’d like, then enables you to print out the enlarged photo on as many 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper as needed. You end up with a big poster that you can tape to your loved one’s wall. They will then be able to sit and enjoy a huge picture of their grandchildren, or perhaps a photo of a trip they took in years past, or maybe a beautiful flower from their back yard. Another fun use would be to take a picture for a grandchild, use Block Poster to enlarge it, and mail the resulting pages to your grandchild. Whether they live near or far, they all love getting mail. I think it would be fun to send each page separately. They’ll get lots of mail and the final result could be a fun and huge picture of you waving to them.

Just go to the website, click on step 1, and browse in your computer to select the image you want to enlarge. After that, click on step 2 and wait for a minute or two. Use the arrow keys to select how many pages wide you want your photo to be. I used a photo of my mother’s favorite flower. When I chose five pages and portrait view, it told me the resulting poster would be 3.5 feet wide by 2.6 feet high. Changing it to landscape view changed the dimensions to 5 feet wide by 3.8 feet high. And when I selected 6 pages and landscape, I now would end up with 5.9 feet by 4.6 feet! WOW! Of course, the bigger the picture, the more the pages that have to be taped together and hung on the wall. But think how much an elderly parent might enjoy easily seeing a photo of him and his wife, walking hand in hand in the sunset, in one of their vacation photos from 20 years past.

I’m thinking this might be a fun and creative gift for Christmas this year! How about you? What ideas can you suggest for this? Write and tell us in the comments below or send an email to .

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