Pink things like these pink keys are fun for the Sandwich Generation on Pink Saturday

Keys Make Great Tips for Taking Care of Our Sandwich Generation Family – From Elderly Parents to Cute Grandkids

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Pink things like these pink keys are fun for the Sandwich Generation on Pink SaturdayKeys keys keys! My Sandwich Generation family has had several frustrating key moments over the years, including a couple this past year. 

Misplaced keys, dropped and disappearing keys, keys not working in locks – you name it, we've probably experienced it. Any and all of these can be great sources of frustration for all ages – from seniors on down to the grandkids, some of whom are already starting to lobby for their own keys – Yikes!

One senior relative recently shared a couple of sweet stories of locked keys in his car and his personal superhero locksmith who rescued him both times – once in five minutes flat! What a blessing he was to this aging gentleman!

My own personal guardian angels at AAA came to my rescue this past year when I dropped a key in a car I was driving to the repair shop. I looked and looked and could NOT find it – in fact, months later we still haven't found the key. Since said car was on its way for repairs, I'm convinced God used the whole incident to protect me from driving it, since we wound up having AAA tow it in.

Recently, after both my senior mom and I misplaced house keyws within one month, I headed for Walmart to get some spare keys for both of us. LOOK at what I discovered. They now have such cool keys in a variety of colors and designs from the cute pink key above to these brightly colorful "WacKeys"…

Fun keys for the Sandwich Generation to help the whole family keep theirs separated

not to mention helpful things for our aging parents like this cool key necklace.

A very cool key necklace for the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly parents

It is so nice to have extra keys in case the many interruptions in my life lead to those temporarily misplaced keys. And my senior mom loves her new key necklace. It's much easier to deal with on her walks, especially when she is wearing mittens.

A Princess key for our Sandwich Generation granddaughters - or ourselvesPlenty of spare keys and big key necklaces are definitely one of those small but useful tips for taking care of our Sandwich Generation family – from elderly parents to cute grandkids. Wouldn't this pretty pink Princess key be a great gift for a granddaughter who is ready for her very own house key? Not to mention for all of the rest of us who love those pink things! Happy Pink Saturday y'all. 🙂  And…

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