More blog party fun for all including boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation

July Blog Party Fun for All of Us is Good News for Boomers and Seniors

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Watermelon and flowers on a patriotic holiday like the 4th of July - along with cute country clipart - fireworks - and your family - great ingredients for great memoriesWOOHOO! With the fun and happy patriotic holidays over, it seemed like such a long, hot stretch before there'd be any new blog party fun. GREAT NEWS for all of us boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation who enjoy all the fun site-seeing at intriguing blog parties! I found TWO, thanks to a party blog badge I spotted when visiting Peggy's Word-filled Wednesday post at aMazing Grace

My Desert Cottage has invited all of us boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation to a fun party to see where blogger create

My Desert Cottage is hosting a fun blog party, Where Bloggers Create 2011: Blog Party to Share Your Creative Spaces, on July 15. Have you ever wondered what various blog writers' work spaces look like? Is there something special about their surroundings that helps them write or do their spaces look just like yours and mine? (Well, yes, I do write. But I'm curious too!) Now you and I can have a sneak peek inside a ton of wonderful and creative studios, not to mention simpler ones like yours truly.  🙂 

More blog party fun for all including boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation

Not only that, though. One Heart At Home is hosting White Christmas in July from July 21 through July 24 and you'll find fun articles on making new family memories with sweet old family traditions ideas; plenty of holiday craft projects – hopefully including easy crafts for all of us seniors and our grand kids – to make for Christmas; lovely holiday dinnerware, wreaths, and decorations; great Christmas music, clip art and more. So if the heat is getting to you and you'd like to have "snow much cool fun," join us for a White Christmas in July. 

As this cute country patriotic clip art illustrates - the heart of a caregiver is to be where they are needed - even if it means the hospital on a holidayThese should both be fun and interesting and a great way of enjoying some delightful par-tay time even if the Sandwich Generation issues have you mostly confined to home. Join us, won't you. 🙂 

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  1. Hi Kaye, thank you for stopping by and for sharing the White Christmas in July invite. I can’t wait to see what you’ll share. I’m still debating what to share myself. 😉

    My mom took meticulous care of my dad who battled Alzheimer’s since his mid 50’s. Not as drastic as the last stages but the signs began then. I have actually volunteered for the Alheimer’s Association and know that there are now cases as early as mid 20’s. So sad. I pray for a cure endlessly. My dad was an athlete with perfect health but AD put up a stronger fight.

    Have you ever read, A Promise Kept by Robertson McQuilkin? Beautiful story of true love. I saw it in my mom’s unselfish devotion to my dad to his last breath…in sickness and in health.

    Glad we could visit.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Oh Marcia, thank you for sharing your difficult yet sweet family memories. I appreciate the recommendation for the book and have ordered a copy. Looking forward to the White Christmas in July! Did you see that Amazon has some free Christmas carols available for mp3 download. The Bells Medley, which I love, was free as of yesterday (constantly changes, of course) by clicking here. 🙂

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