Juggling the Sandwich Generation Hospitalization Issues This Week

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The Sandwich Generation Juggle

“Doin’ the Sandwich Generation Juggle.” That’s been my dance this week in a big way as my senior relative is recuperating in the hospital and babysitting grandchildren is coming back to the forefront. Last week – it was all hospital. This week, it’s both. I’ll head out to the hospital, stay for a bit to help and encourage, go babysit, back to the hospital, then off to school to pick up another grandchild for sweet times with some homework help.

Exercising Our Baby Boomer Brains

Talk about a great way of exercising your brain! Have you SEEN what junior and senior high students have to learn these days! I’m sure it’s much harder than when I was in school. I think it’s even harder than my own kids were in school! But we keep plowing through and she’s doing great and I’m getting to know my geography and history a whole lot better! Ah-hem, we won’t discuss the math aspects though – a constant struggle for me since junior high! 🙂

Handmade or eCard Greetings Cards Are Both Full of Smiles

My sweet grandchildren (and their equally sweet parents) on both coasts have been faithful to send handmade get well greetings cards, which are now plastering the bulletin board in her room. And here’s a fun little trick I just learned about. Many hospitals offer a link on their primary site that takes you to an ecard-maker. There, you fill out the ecard form, pick a cute picture, put in the room number, type a cheery message or some encouraging Bible verses and press enter. Later that day or the next (they may not deliver on weekends), a hospital volunteer will deliver a cheerful little eCard to your loved one. Very quick, easy, and encouraging. Perfect for the patient AND all of us busy with the Sandwich Generation. 🙂

Granddogs are Great

Even the granddogs got into the action - but only one granddog could stop wiggling long enough for me to snap a photo with my easy to use digital cameraI sent the cutest pictures/ecards to her. Today, I even sent her one from all her granddogs – with a delightful picture of somebody’s granddog on the front. Earlier, I had picked up some store-bought cards with pictures as well. One thing I wish I’d thought to do – and will remember for the future. If you have time before a planned surgery, print out some cute grandkid pictures to hang in their room. If you wait til after the surgery, you may find that you are too busy, and too tired, to deal with it. That was me. I had time to do it at the hospital – but no printer. When I got home each night, I was too tired and too busy getting caught up with everything else to do it.

Grand Help for the Sandwich Generation Caregiver

Handmade greetings cards from the grandkids always bring a smile to our elderly senior citizens

Thanks to the cute granddog ecards, the store greetings cards, and all the lovely homemade greetings cards from my grandkids, it’s worked out just fine and there have been lots of smiles going around in our whole Sandwich Generation family. 🙂