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NOTE: The Jott service has been discontinued. Instead, I either call myself and leave a voicemail OR I use my iPhone app, AudioMemos. 🙂

There is a wonderful service out there to help all of us who don’t have perfect memories! That is DEFNITELY me! It is called Jott. It offers quite a bit, but I personally only use it for one thing. I call their 800 phone number using my speed dial 6. When the recording asks me who I want to Jott, I say “myself.” I then have 15 seconds to leave a voice mail of whatever it is I need to remember. It then sends my message to my email and it is waiting for me when I get to my computer. Plus I am now able to have a copy sent to my cell phone as well. Fantastic!

 I was privileged to be a beta tester for the last year for free. That time has come to an end and they are now charging. It is STILL well worth it!!!  The subscription prices are Free for Jott Basic (this is ad-supported but no email is sent to your box – you have to go to their website daily. With my memory, I figured I might not always remember to do that J), $3.95 per month for Jott and $12.95 for Jott Pro. Following this article is a chart to show exactly what you get for those fees.

My average time for messages I leave is 17 seconds so I opted for the $3.95 plan which my budget preferred as well. As you can see, I have a lot of other options available to me and I am definitely going to have to look closer at them. But even if I never use them, I still LOVE JOTT! It’s like having my own personal secretary!

In case you are wondering why I need it or how I use it, I will give you some examples from the last few days. Today we were at the dermatologist’s office. They told me to make a new appointment in three months. I called Jott and when I got home was immediately reminded of it. I wrote it down as well, but sometimes those little notes get misplaced so I definitely appreciate getting that Jott.  Yesterday I sent a Jott to remind myself of the great Christmas present idea I had thought up for one set of grandkids. I also sent a Jott to look up an item I heard about on the news that I wanted to research more.  And, of course, I have often Jotted writing ideas for this blog and other writing projects. When a loved one was sick and I couldn’t get home for long periods of time, Jott was invaluable to me to capture fragments of thoughts before they disappeared due to worry, exhaustion, and stress.

My Jott notes are always in my computer and I can even do a search when I need to find one. Plus, if I were to have a computer crash OR be traveling, I have the added backup of being able to go to Jott’s website to go through my old notes.

One caveat to all this is that I would never recommend Jotting anything confidential. For that matter, I don’t recommend emailing anything confidential or giving confidential information over a cell phone or a cordless phone. Any of these methods have a slight element of risk due to the possibility of someone being able to listen in. Therefore I would not give out social security numbers, driver’s licenses, etc. I do have one credit card I comfortably use but I monitor it closely as does the credit card company themselves. But that is not to say I have a concern with Jott. It is just a fact of life in our world.

Overall though, Jott can be a great time saver and stress reliever and I highly recommend it! 


Use Jott Express to manage your to-do lists from your desktop.


Use Jott for iPhone to capture voice-to-text notes on the go.

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All Jott Feeds

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The Wright Stuff
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