If you are caring for elderly parents and have to travel the Jitterbug cell phones for seniors citizens has some great service options to make your Sandwich Generation job easier

Jitterbug Cell Phones for Senior Citizens Offer Great Services for the Sandwich Generation

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If you are caring for elderly parents and have to travel the Jitterbug cell phones for seniors citizens has some great service options to make your Sandwich Generation job easier

While traveling recently, I called my senior mom daily. On my last trip we wound up using more minutes on her Jitterbug cell phone for seniors than normal, making for a bit of a concern when she got her bill. She ended up using more than her allotted minutes and the bill reflected that! We have never had this happen with her phone before (BOY have we had it in years past with our own cell phones! ), so I wasn’t monitoring as closely as I should have been. Lesson learned at a price for us and FREE for you!  🙂

Whatever cellphone you have – whether an AT&T iPhone like me (I LOVE IT!) or a Jitterbug like my senior mom (GREAT cell phones for senior citizens!), you do need to monitor your monthly usage minutes – and, perhaps, increase them before an out-of-town trip. Particularly if you call your beloved seniors often or vice versa – not to mention those cute and cuddly grandchildren.

We consider the Jitterbug to be one of the best cell phones for senior citizens

Needless to say, I popped right into the Jitterbug website to check up on things. As I suspected, it was primarily due to my traveling. But I’ll be watching closely in the future! While I was there, though, I discovered some new-to-me services that look great and wanted to share them with you as well.

1. Jitterbug LiveNurse – This is one I just added. For a limited time, it is available FREE on select rate plans (ours qualifies – YAY). Otherwise it is $4 per month. “Get 24 hour, mobile health care advice. Jitterbug LiveNurse brings you health care advice whenever you need it. Brought to you in partnership with FONEMED®, Jitterbug LiveNurse is part of our continued commitment to provide you with a family of helpful and easy to use services. Jitterbug LiveNurse provides you with 24-hour unlimited access to registered nurses and more. ” I’m looking forward to testing it out and, of course, letting you know how it goes. 🙂

2. Check-in Call – They also have a check-in call service. For an extra $5 a month, “This helpful and exclusive feature will ensure that you or a loved one are being checked on as often as necessary, by our friendly automated system. You will receive calls according to the schedule you setup in advance, asking how you feel about topics that you have asked us to check on – like pain level or sleeping. Simply answer the questions on the call, and should you need assistance, a notification will be sent to your list of personal contacts, so that help can be provided immediately.” Very handy service – particularly for a senior who lives alone and is dealing with health issues. I can think of two friends in my life I will have to recommend that to! And I will definitely keep it in mind if I ever have to be “incommunicado” for more than a day. It sounds especially useful for caregivers who care for more than one person as well as caregivers whose jobs require extensive non-availability due to travel, business meetings, etc.

The extra services that Jitterbug and their great cell phones for the elderly relatives in our family can provide can help those of us caring for elderly parents

3. Medication Reminders! What a great idea! For an extra $10 per month, their “helpful Medication Reminder service lets you stay up-to-date with your prescription schedule…With this helpful service, you or a loved one can enter in your medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor, and receive calls from our automated system reminding you to take them at the appropriate times. Not only do you receive helpful reminders, but you can track your adherence to your schedule on myjitterbug.com and share the results with your health care team, to help you manage your own health, on your time.” Definitely useful for  those caring for elderly parents  and juggling a wide variety of other issues including busy work schedules! Perfect for the Sandwich Generation. 🙂

4. International – If your elderly parent needs to make international cell phone calls, (do you travel overseas for business periodically?) you might want to call Jitterbug about their International Calling option. There is no charge to select the International Calling Service. Once you do, “Calls must be placed from within the U.S. Additional charges will be applied to all international calls outside of the U.S., in addition to the minutes used for the duration of those calls.” You can call Jitterbug for more specific information if this is something that would be useful for you and your special seniors. 

These large and simple cell phones for seniors come with helpful services for those of us caring for the elderly parents in our families

WOW! What great options! Four more reasons my senior mom and I personally consider Jitterbug to be one of the best (if not THE best) cell phones for senior citizens. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. They aren’t perfect. (Only God is perfect!) But I am very pleased with their cell phones and service for the elderly relatives and friends in our family, and thrilled that my senior mom really does love her cell phone! 

P.S. There’s been a lot of changes to the Jitterbug since I wrote this post several years ago. To read the latest options, head to Jitterbug Cell Phones for Seniors Are a Big Help. 🙂 

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