The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves interesting ways to wrap grandkids gifts - like this bug holder

It’s Time for the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids to Work on Their Resurrection Easter Eggs

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves interesting ways to wrap grandkids gifts - like this bug holderLent is almost over and Easter is right around the corner. My Easter shopping for the grandkids is done and I got the cutest "gift containers" for them at Target in their $1 section. Isn't this kids plastic bug catcher cute? And practical – especially for grandboys. Of course, there are fancier ones but these will do for us this month. And they were just as cheap as my usual (and very cute) Dollar Tree gift bags.

For the grandgirl? I got this cute addition for her room – shhhh, don't tell. 🙂

Granddaughters will love Easter gifts for kids in cute and colorful baskets they can store hair ribbons for girls in

We've been working together on each week's Word-Filled Wednesday Bible memory verses for Lent 2012 and talking about the different aspects of the Lent and Easter story. And this past week, the grandkids begged to start the Resurrection Easter eggs a few days earlier than I had planned. Now, I have to be honest here. They were primarily wanting me to hide the eggs so they could have fun finding them. And yes, we did just that – at the end. But first, we divvied out the eggs. And unbelievably, they each picked a different set and all were happy from the get-go. I'm sure all of you who deal with multiple grandkids know it doesn't always work that well right away. 🙂

Four choices of Easter Resurrection plastic eggs for the three grandchildren and they all picked a different one - yay

Then we headed for their playroom full of their old and new LEGOs, where we did some brainstorming together. We reviewed what normally goes into the Resurrection Easter Eggs, along with what each little piece reminds us of in the whole Easter story. From there, the grandboys each selected different pieces to put into the eggs. They weren't what I came up with last year. They aren't even, necessarily, what I would EVER pick. But their choices made sense to them, had them engaged and thinking about all that Jesus went through that last week of His life, and to me, that's what counts!

At that point, time was running short so we hurried into their living room, hid the eggs, they found the eggs amidst much laughter, and then we were on our way. I took the eggs home with me so I could number them with a Sharpie marking pen. Then I'll take them back with me later this week to re-tell the story and re-hide the eggs – probably a few times between now and Easter. And yes, they'll have a ton of fun hiding and looking for those eggs. But YES, we'll also have a grand time cuddling on the couch, talking about what the pieces mean, retelling the wonderful story of God's love and mercy on us, and hide bits and pieces of God's truth and Word into their hearts. Truly a special and fun time! 

Making these Resurrection Easter Eggs is one of those fun and easy crafts for all ages – from kids to seniors – making it a perfect activity for our Sandwich Generation families. There's no absolutes on what to put in each egg. If you have time, I would sit down and read the story to them and talk about different things you could find or make to put in the egg. Whether it's an actual die to represent the guards gambling for His robe, or a picture of the spear that went in His side, or a LEGO cross, those all work fine and then some. Want some actual ideas? Check these articles out from past Easters:

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LOTS of fun Easter ideas for all of us in the Sandwich Generation to enjoy with our kids and grandkids. And what sweet ways of leaving a spiritual legacy in their hearts and minds to last for a lifetime. 

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  1. We love Resurrection Eggs, but with so many little ones wanting to help with the story, we’ve expanded our set to 24 eggs, and begin the story way back in Genesis, when the promise of a Savior was first made.

  2. What a FUN idea Jennifer. I’ve never thought of that. I may have to give that a try next year. Thank you 🙂

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