Buying a Toshiba 10-inch Netbook Review

iPad vs Mini PC – Both Portable – Which of The Tiny Computers Did the Baby Boomer Granny Nanny Pick

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Last week I talked about how helpful buying a micro or mini PC like the Toshiba Netbook can be for the busy baby boomer generation caring for elderly parents and helping with grandkids. Whether you are working from home or just using a computer to help you with day to day chores, adding a small, lightweight, and ultra-portable Netbook to your regular computer can be a big help. I don’t recommend it as your only computer, nor do I recommend it for anyone who is unfamiliar with computers. But for those of us who are comfortable using computers AND need something ultra easy and portable to carry with us everywhere, a tiny pc like this can be great.

Buying a Toshiba 10-inch Netbook Review

There are also a lot of conversations going on right now about the pros and cons of a Netbook vs. an iPad. To be honest, I’ve only worked on a friend’s iPad for about 20 minutes as he was showing it to me. I loved how easy it was to see everything. The various programs definitely fit on the iPad screen much nicer than on a Netbook screen. Apple is so great with graphics and it really shows up well on the iPad.

It’s very cool and there are many things I like about it. For many, I would think it might be easier than a micro netbook PC, but I decided to pass on it this time around because:

  1. For internet searches, it didn’t seem to be much faster than my Toshiba Netbook
  2. Typing is done on a letter/number pad – the same as on the iPhone. I wasn’t sure how I would like that for typing a lot. Then again, I never thought I’d get used to that on the iPhone and I have – quite nicely. I didn’t get to type much on his iPad so I can’t say if I could still type my normal 80+ words per minute on it. If I ever get another chance, I’ll let you know. 🙂
  3. It seems to be more expensive than my tiny Toshiba NetBook PC was.
  4. I’m klutzy! I’m the first to admit that. Plus I use this around busy kids. I can close my micro mini netbook PC and know the screen is safe when I have to run and do something. I can pop it into my purse and not worry about it – (though I usually use a neoprene cover). While the iPad does have good covers and cases, I’m concerned that the iPad, which does not have a built-in cover that closes, might be easier for me to damage than my Toshiba Netbook. I have a business friend whose iPad screen totally shattered when she dropped it down and it landed funny. I’m very careful with my Netbook but I don’t feel like I have to treat it like it’s a very fragile egg and that’s what I need for my season of life.

I really like the iPad but think my micro mini Toshiba pc might be more sturdy for activities for grandparents and grandchildren

I’m sure I’ll revisit this question of whether I should get an iPad down the road in a few years. For now, I’m happy with my mini Toshiba portable netbook when I’m on the go, even when it’s being somewhat slow and irritating. It’s been a big help for this Sandwich Generation Baby Boomer and grandmother, who is also caring for elderly parents and relatives. How about you? If you have a tiny Netbook PC or an iPad, I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions as well!

2017 Update – I now have both an iPad and a smaller MacBook Air. Between these two and the portable netbook – for me – the MacBook Air wins hands down. Powerful enough to do what I need, sturdy to keep up with my busy schedule of caregiving, grandkids, real estate, travel and more, and so much easier to type on. 😉 How bout you?

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