Encouraging BIble verses for the Sandwich Generation caregiver and grandparent devotionals for senior citizens via Kaye Swain

iPad Uses for Elderly Seniors And More

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Wild Turkeys wander around West Roseville including one of the best golf retirement communities Sun City by Del Webb via Kaye Swain Placer Sacramento County social media blogger REALTOR


My senior mom isn’t doing as much as previously with her iPad. But she continues to enjoy looking at the photos of the grandkids as well as fun photos like the turkeys we spotted above. And I just set her up with an Amazon Prime Music playlist “Mom” with over 400 songs that we can listen to for free, courtesy of my Amazon Prime Music. (We share the account since she lives with me and I maintain her iPad 🙂 ). She has a mixture of Big Band, Swing, Country, and old Christian hymns that will keep her listening happily for hours.

She continues to enjoy listening to her beloved radios, but is having a harder time changing the stations. So I’m hoping this will be a help for her. We tried a Sirius account with their home box – the Sirius Onyx. Unfortunately, that is dependent on getting a strong enough signal in the house. If not, you have to put the atenna outside a window with the wire coming inside to the sirius radio. Since we had hoped to add the whole shebang to a Sirius Boom Box, that wouldn’t have worked. Thus I returned the Onyx to Best Buy and called Sirius and cancelled. All were very nice and very understanding, and I really appreciated that.

Some days tech works well for her and some days, not so much. Hopefully the Amazon Prime tech will, with a bit of help from me. 🙂


There are a variety of ways of caring for the elderly parents and other senior citizens in our lives via Kaye Swain social media

I had fun catching up with dear friends this weekend at TWO birthday parties! It was very enjoyable and very interesting as several of us are now in the same season of life of caring for our beloved elderly parents. Just like when our kids were little and we compared notes and realized we all did it a bit different (Christian school, public school, home school), we are all doing caregiving a bit different. Some are doing it at home like me, others have a caregiver coming to the parents’ home, and another had sadly helped their senior parent move into a critical care facility as his health required more nursing than they could provide. But they are there every day supervising and overseeing and helping their parent know that they are there for him and helping him.

Any which way, there is no right or wrong way – at least, not in these situations. All of us love our parents and are doing our best. Different situations require different solutions and we are so blessed to have so many good choices out there. Just like with schools, there are a lot more choices than when our parents were young, and I for one am very grateful for that. And grateful for the encouragement we each are sharing with the other. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in this, isn’t it?


Samaritans Purse Christmas Shoe Boxes are a great way to encourage grandkids to give via Kaye Swain social media blogger and gr

I had a lovely talk with half my grandkids today and enjoyed it thoroughly. We got all caught up on school activities going on and made craft-y plans for the next trip. A couple of them are working on a mountain village but one asked how he could make the trees or if there was a place we could buy them. Talk about perfect timing! With Christmas right around the corner (110 days OR 3 months OR 15 weeks to be exact! 🙂 ), I told them the Dollar store will probably be getting their Christmas village trees in soon so we have added that to our calendar to head for that store and get some to add to the project. And hmmmm, while we’re there, we shall have to also shop for Christmas Shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse. For ONCE we might not be doing it at the last minute. YAY! Here’s a super short video I’m going to show them when we do it. Made me choke up with sweet tears of joy to see the impact all those Christmas shoe boxes over the years are having! AWESOME!


You can find me in a variety of spots on Social Media but my main focus is at Facebook – SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation – Facebook as well as Pinterest. 🙂


My Pinterest board is all spruced up for Autumn. And have new posts to many boards including Grand for Kids and Grandkids as well as Caregiving NeedsKaye Swain REALTOR and eldercare blogger is also at Pinterest

 Do pop over and enjoy plenty more and while you’re there, be sure to say HOWDY 🙂


Years ago, I did a series on my favorite Bible verses for difficult seasons of life. As I wrote at Instagram today:

I have a list of my favorite Bible verses for crises. I made it during one of the darkest times of my life and God has continued to use these verses to encourage me and others during difficult trials and tribulations. This is the first of many to come over the next several Sundays. I hope you will be blessed as well. #WestRoseville flower #Roseville #RosevilleCA #SweetSunday #FavoriteBibleVerse #FaveBibleVerse #FavoriteBibleVerses #FavoriteScripture #WordsOfEncouragement A photo posted by Sacramento CA Area (@kayeswain) on

As many of you may realize, that is the first of two very encouraging verses in Psalm 27:13. There is also verse 14, another fave of mine:

Encouraging BIble verses for the Sandwich Generation caregiver and grandparent devotionals for senior citizens via Kaye Swain

Sweet encouragement, indeed!


For those of you who might not be able to get out and about to church this week, here’s another lovely video and the link to the next in the sermon series on Revelation.

This is Hillsong singing the praise song, “This I Believe (Creed).” It’s very similar to the Newsboys hymn, “We Believe,” but goes even deeper into the creed – again blessing us with sweet encouragement that has passed on down through the centuries.

This song seems like a lovely way to begin this devotional and this link to the book of Revelation series seems like a lovely way to end it.

Have a blessed and beautiful week!



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    • Joyce
    • September 7, 2015

    It is interesting that the senior parents who are now getting (or, in my case, once received) such great care from their adult children were the ones who initially modeled the same loving attention.
    I just adored the owl family video! That parent sure doesn’t miss a thing! “What big eyes you have!” Beautiful!

    • Peggy
    • September 10, 2015

    Oh yes Kaye … it’s been far too long! I had you bookmarked but it was under one of the memes we use to do together back in 2011 (the latest) as New Friend … and also the morning or sorrow is further back than that … long ago (just memories now). Oh, and I did do the study from GRIEF Share on my blog (but since I’m out of the country that would not have worked for me for my latest griefs since 2009) the most recent was the totaled loss of our home in MN and a friend to suicide. Anyways, because of the trauma of that, my spouse who is quite a bit older, has entered the early stages of Alzheimer (which is the biggest loss). However since as you may have noticed in the blog post you came to … both of my parents have passed on and my youngest sibling, my spouse is the “elder” that I will be caring for … not cut out as a caregiver, I lean into your wisdom, even if I’m not “sandwiched”. Anyways, I’m glad that you stopped by … I have not moved my blog or been any different except I don’t visit as many blogs as I once did (only those who are kind enough to leave a comment like you). Yours made me SMILE 🙂 real big. Had a hard time scrolling far enough after reading your wonderful, informative, loving care … that I forgot much of what I wanted to say … so much available … in all your social media … WOW … you have advanced much more than I’m willing to in all this social tech. Good for you! And good for me that you found me again! Thanks! Have a blessed weekend and fall season! Your graphics as always are fabulous! ~Peggy

  1. Yes, I’ve learned a ton about social media Peggy – tho takes a ton of time. And I’m doing real estate as well and using it there. So that’s a great blessing. The griefshare emails come in your email box so no worries about being out of country I don’t think. I’m so sorry to hear of the long season of sorrow you’ve been walking through. I know that feeling well. Praise God we both have His strength and support. The main meme you refer to was Word-filled Wednesday. That was always such a sweet time but they had to make changes and that, combined with real estate, did make changes on my end as well.

    Praying for you and your husband. I still write here weekly at least at SandwichINK plus I update my Facebook page daily – Facebook.com/SandwichINKforTheSandwichGeneration which is for both caregivers and/or grandparents. I often share tidbits for those caring for loved ones with Alzheimers and other memory loss. My senior mom is beginning to have memory issues too so I’m definitely learning even more.

    So nice to “see” you again, dear friend. Have a blessed and beautiful week. 🙂

  2. Excellent point Joyce. And thanks – I loved that video too. Have a great week! 🙂

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