My senior moms iPad including the accessories important in a Sandwich Generation family with aging parents and grandkids - a cover and an accident warranty

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! It’s Protected!

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My senior moms iPad including the accessories important in a Sandwich Generation family with aging parents and grandkids - a cover and an accident warrantyiPads! They are the hot topic these days – on the news as well as in our homes and definitely here at SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation! I don't have one, but all my grandkids have at least one in their family and now my senior mom has her very own iPad! Of course, being a mega NON-techie, I am in charge of buying it, setting it up, teaching her the basics, and often getting it going for her. 🙂 "How to have an ipad without really having an iPad! 🙂 

When we went to purchase her an iPad, again, (she returned the first one), we did our homework, compared prices (they were the same everywhere) and compared extended warranties. We checked Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Sam's Club. Of those, Target, Amazon, and Best Buy offered warranties that included accidental breakage. With an elderly mom, an occasionally klutzy baby boomer, and several grandkids in the house, that was a definite selling point for us and to me, one of the "accessories" we couldn't do without. 

My senior moms iPad peeking out of my purse as we head out for errands

We decided on the iPad 2 because of price and her limited needs. Since Target was out of stock on them and I did want to buy locally for this in case she again decided to return it, that left us with Best Buy. (Though I will say, if you are OK with buying it online, Amazon had a great price on the extended accident warranty!)

Turns out Best Buy was a double-great choice as they also offered a service to install the screen for the monitor which we always get – to protect from scratches, fingerprints, etc. Those things can be REALLY hard to put on and I was glad to take them up on their service, in spite of the service charge ($15).  As I watched him spend 15 minutes applying it very carefully, getting all the wrinkles and bubbles out, I was really glad I had done so. My mom's eyesight is good but not great and I knew it would make it much easier for her to read things with that on properly. 

The last item to pick was the iPad cover or case. While I loved the pink one with the handle, I followed a wise friend's advice to get one that holds the iPad with a cover – it closes and covers the screen. It's a bit tricky to open the first couple of time but since I usually hand it to her, that hasn't been an issue. And I love the extra protection it gives when the iPad is in my purse. 

My senior moms iPad and one of her accessories - the blue cover case protects the screen and the body of the iPad

In fact, it's there right now as we head out for a morning of errands and lunch. I can work on adding a couple of useful iPad apps to it while she is at therapy and we can enjoy photos of her great-grandkids while we wait for our lunch.

And how does she feel about this new iPad? More to come next week as we continue to share our iPad Adventures for our Sandwich Generation family…

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