Hawaii news is lots of fun for the Sandwich Generation family who loves Hawaii

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! “Read All About It!”

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Hawaii news is lots of fun for the Sandwich Generation family who loves HawaiiExtra! Extra! Read all about it! Get your newspaper….on your elderly parents iPad! It's definitely not what they're used to. But there are several different news options for the iPad for those senior parents who love to keep up on all the latest news.

Our two local newspapers are available online, as are many of the big city newspapers – from the New York Times to the Honolulu Star Advertiser to USA Today. The one caveat to many of these, though, is that subscriptions may be required. 

That was a piece of cake for our two local papers. My senior parents have enjoyed their morning papers for decades and mom continues to read two papers most days. She is still sometimes surprised when I say "no time for the paper, thank you" as she offers part to me, but then I remind her I get a ton of news online – usually from my own news apps like Newser, Google News, and even Rapture Ready's news feed.

Newser is one of my favorite news apps for the iphone and iPad

I also have the two local papers on my iPhone and have passcodes that give me full access to both papers – a delightful PLUS to our paid subsciption. I'll be adding that to my senior mom's iPad this week.

But this weekend, she wistfully asked about subscribing to a newspaper from her old hometown. Turns out mailing it is quite expensive but an online-only subscription was only $6 a month – about a third the cost of the delivered newspaper. She was quite tickled to hear that and is cautiously giving it a try.

Two important caveats in all this:

  1. I went to subscribe to the paper but couldn't seem to complete the process. I finally gave up, thinking I would call them on Monday. Later, I got a receipt from iTunes showing the subscription HAD gone through – and it was processed by iTunes rather than directly to my bank. That was a bit of a shock – but an OK one since we wanted to give it a try. The only issue now is – how do I cancel it? If any of you know, we'd love to hear. Otherwise, I'll let you know in a month when I work through that, if she decides to cancel. 🙂
  2. Not all the newspapers worked easily or smoothly – making for a frustrating and difficult experience in general, and especially so for our senior parents. Be sure you test drive it quite a bit on your own, and then with them. 

Do you or your aging parents read a news feed or newspaper online? Which is your favorite?  How do y'all like it? I think I can safely guarantee you that no matter how comfortable my mom may or may not get with reading the news on her iPad, it still won't replace her hard-copy newspaper! 

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