The lights may have gone out for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom but the iPad and iPhone kept chugging away - and the flashlight app was GRAND

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Power Outage Perk of the iPad

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The lights may have gone out for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom but the iPad and iPhone kept chugging away - and the flashlight app was GRANDAAACCCKKKK! Last week, we had a power outage, that led to me missing most of a favorite show of my senior mom and myself. This week, ANOTHER power outage. And this time, both sides of the street were pitch black. NEVER a good sign (usually only one side or the other goes down). Couple that with the sirens my neighbor and I heard as we were out comparing dark notes, and I wound up praying with my granddaughter for whatever was going on – guessing it may have been a bad accident!

Speaking of my granddaughter, she and I had been chatting on FaceTime (and hoping to encourage my senior mom to join in even though it was getting late) when the power went out. Guess what! If you are on FaceTime on an iPhone (or iPad) that has a phone service you will keep talking happily, even if the power goes out. If, however, you are on an iPad – like I was – with wifi only, when the power goes, the wifi goes, and thus, the FaceTime goes!

Fortunately, my handy dandy iPhone was fully charged. I was taking my good advice due to all the predicted storms in the area. Oddly, the storms never materialized, yet we still lost our power AND now we are losing our fave show too! Soooo sad! 🙂

My grandsons love my battery operated lamps and lights

Thus, I am sitting here in almost total darkness at 8 pm, with just my battery operated lamp to light my room – along with my laptop, typing about this situation since it's too dark to read and too dark to do much of anything else. And my senior mom – I'm so proud of her – is in her room listening to The Guardian by Dee Henderson on her iPad. She's using the iTunes Music app again for that and enjoying the book thoroughly.

While I was in setting it up for her, I pointed out the Flashlight app on her iPad that I just added. I have it on my iPhone and it works great. I love using it when I'm visiting one of my granddogs and have to take him outside to "do his duty." Guess what! It's light is even bigger and brighter on the iPad.

Now granted, this flashlight app is not the handiest to use because of the shape and size of the iPad. But it's definitely great to have on all our iPhones and iPads for emergencies LIKE THIS, including for our senior parents. And since the iPad battery lasts so wonderfully long, it's definitely a great addition to our emergency kits, don't you think?

P.S. To read the rest of our Sandwich Generation family's iPad adventures, just click here. 🙂 

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