One of the many pink iPad cases and accessories for the iPad 2 of our Sandwich Generation families

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! It’s Begun…

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It’s taken eight months but my senior mom finally decided to “take the plunge” and dive in, so to speak. Dive into what? The world of the iPad and iPad accessories and apps for seniors – in general and FaceTime specifically! (Though I’m hoping to expand that gradually to audio and Kindle books, email, texting (at least receiving them), and maybe a bit more. 🙂

Since health issues have been keeping her at home more than she planned for the last couple of years, and since three out of six of her grandkids all have iPhones or iPads (not to mention me), plus a fourth may be joining this fun i-club, she determined she was going to give it “the old college try!”

After a week, I’m happy to report she has enjoyed three FaceTimes with great joy, glowed as she looked at the photos I put on her iPad, and thoroughly enjoyed reading some texts from one grandchild to me that I forwarded on to her.

It’s not been easy, and there’s been some bumps along the way (I had to reset the thing three times and redo the acocunt for her twice to give her her own account separate from mine, yet still be able to link it to mine), but overall, she is thrilled. This is definitely turning out to be a big blessing for our whole Sandwich Generation family, that’s for sure. I’ll be sharing more in upcoming weeks, but right now – those sweet grandkids are calling my name. And in the meantime, if you or your aging parents are already doing great on the iPad and have any grand iPad tips or tricks to share, we’d DEFINITELY love to hear them. 🙂 Have a GREAT Saturday!

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    • Jenn
    • August 18, 2012

    I had no idea what the photo was – and now I know. Boy, fancy.

    That’s great news about your mom’s enjoyment. Sometimes, it’s hard to encourage our folks to get involved in the techie stuff, even just in “stuff”. Way to go!

    • Jenn
    • August 18, 2012

    PS – Happy Pink Saturday!

  1. Thanks Jenn. You are so right. In fact, this is our second try but it looks like this time will be a success story 🙂

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